Rob Moll, author of The Art of Dying and What Your Body Knows About God, has died at the age of forty-one. Leaving behind his wife and four young children, Moll will be remembered as a talented writer and editor as well as a beloved friend.

Jeff Crosby, publisher of IVP, said of Moll’s life and work: “Rob Moll’s books and his work as a journalist demonstrated a depth of insight, integrity, and compassion that was an inspiration to his readers everywhere, as was his utter zest for living life to the fullest. As a reader and as his publisher for two books, I extend to Clarissa and the family my heartfelt condolences in this time of unspeakable loss.”                                                                         

Moll began his career as a journalist in the suburbs of Chicago, working as a reporter and editor for the Grayslake Times and Citizen Media. He quickly added to his journalism roster by joining the staff of Christianity Today (CT), where for nearly sixteen years he served in various capacities as editor and writer.

Over the course of his journalism career, Moll won awards from the Evangelical Press Association, and he also contributed op-eds to the Wall Street Journal, theWashington Post, CNN, Fox News, The Hill, and Huffington Post.

In 2010, Moll published his first book, The Art of Dying, after volunteering for several years as a hospice chaplain. Lauren Winner wrote in the foreword, “We, the church, need to recover the art of dying. . . . I hope that people will read this book—and talk about it, and take inspiration from it. I hope we will let Rob Moll’s insights help us become communities where people can reckon with, rather than dodge, death.”

In 2011 Moll was appointed communications officer to the president for World Vision. In that role, he worked directly with Richard Stearns to create communications for one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations. His second book, What Your Body Knows About God, was published in 2014. It was called a “must-read” by many, and like so much of Moll’s writing and work, received the highest of praise. In 2016 Moll began work with Eventide Asset Management as their director of business operations, leading the company’s communications efforts.

“Wise beyond his years; gone before his time,” said Al Hsu, Moll’s longtime editor. “I am still in shock at the news of Rob’s untimely passing. But he had prepared for his death many years before it came. His work as a hospice volunteer brought him to reflect deeply on the ancient Christian practice of ars moriendi, the art of dying. Rob’s awareness of his mortality became a gift to others facing death. While we grieve him, I am grateful that Rob pointed his readers beyond death to the hope of resurrection and life everlasting.”

Moll wrote in The Art of Dying, “The living Christians and the dead are still of one body, still of one hope. . . . We prepare for death and we see the Christian life in practice by providing a means for the dying to continue their presence in the church. Not only does it offer an opportunity for the dying and elderly to continue to fulfill the ministry to which God has called them, but the rest of the congregation sees life lived and ended with hope and faithfulness.”

To further support Moll’s legacy, both for his family and his work, please visit gofundme.com and mycause.worldvision.org. For more information on his writing with IVP, please visit ivpress.com/rob-moll.