IVP Academic is thrilled to announce the revision and expansion of one of its most prestigious volumes Dictionary of Paul and His Letters.

Originally published in 1993 and edited by Gerald F. Hawthorne, Ralph P. Martin, and Daniel G. Reid, the dictionary received wide acclaim, including an ECPA Gold Medallion award for reference books. Upon its release, N.T. Wright wrote that the dictionary was “a mine of information for all students of Paul for many years to come.”

The new edition set to be published in 2022, will be similar in format to the original in terms of overall length and number of articles, but given the significant changes in Pauline studies over the last twenty-five years, approximately 80 percent of the articles will be entirely rewritten, with the remainder thoroughly revised and updated.

“The scholarship published in the first edition of the Dictionary of Paul and His Letters was groundbreaking for its time and has had an enduring impact on scholars, students, and the church since 1993,” said Jeff Crosby, publisher for IVP. “In the skillful hands of volume editors Dr. Scot McKnight, Dr. Lynn Cohick, and Dr. Nijay Gupta along with the careful editorial oversight of Anna Moseley Gissing, the second edition will bring the scholarship up-to-date and provide a valuable reference tool for years to come. I’m delighted to support the publication of this important volume.”

McKnight, professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary, will serve as general editor, and Cohick, provost and dean of Denver Seminary, and Gupta, associate professor of New Testament at Portland Seminary, will serve as associate editors on this new edition. Each expressed a desire to be a part of this new project, the original of which influenced their own work in the field of Pauline studies. Anna Gissing, associate editor for IVP Academic, is heading up the project for IVP and will work with the three editors to compile new articles and revisions.

“Since the appearance of the first IVP dictionary I have had each of them within arm’s reach of my studies,” said McKnight. “Rarely does a day go by that I don’t use one of them, and on many days I use more than one. These dictionaries have made information and scholarship immediately accessible. I consider the IVP dictionaries to be a deposit of the best scholarship in the last century. The privilege of being general editor for the second edition of Dictionary of Paul and His Letters is a highlight of my academic life.”

Added Cohick: “IVP’s Dictionary of Paul and His Letters helped shape Pauline studies over the last several decades with its exceptional articles written by leading scholars. I’m delighted and honored to be part of the editorial team that will produce the second edition. I look forward to updating the volume and adding articles to reflect the new contours of Pauline studies.”

“The first edition of Dictionary of Paul and His Letters was instrumental in my formation as a Pauline scholar when I was in seminary,” Gupta said. “And since then I have recommended it to countless students and friends. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of the editorial team for this second edition. In fact, it is a major highlight of my career to be invited to be a part of this important project with these distinguished editors.”

This project reflects a need, both in terms of updated research and study, and a market demand for a revised edition. Since 1993, Dictionary of Paul and His Letters has sold nearly 200,000 copies to scholars, bookstores, and academic institutions.

Dictionary of Paul and His Letters and the others in the eight volume series have been a cornerstone of our reference offerings for nearly three decades,” said Justin Paul Lawrence, director of sales for IVP. “I’ve received orders from librarians for second and third copies because their shelf copies have been thumbed to dust. I am pleased that IVP has chosen to continue to revise and extend this incredibly useful tool for a new generation of pastors, scholars, and students.”

IVP’s Bible dictionaries have been the foundation of its academic publishing program since the release of Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels in 1992. Three other volumes followed in the New Testament and four in the Old Testament. Hundreds of specialists have contributed to these volumes, whether through serving on editorial boards or contributing specific articles. Additionally, the 1993 Dictionary of Paul and His Letters has been translated into five other languages: Chinese, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Portuguese.

The volumes themselves have won accolades each year, including ECPA awards, Preaching Magazine awards, Christianity Today Book of the Year awards, Logos awards, and more. Scholars such as Sandy Richter, Ben Witherington III, Craig Blomberg, and John Goldingay have all highly recommended them.

“I couldn’t be more delighted with the intellectual leadership we have on this project, both here at IVP and with our volume editors,” said Jon Boyd, editorial director for IVP Academic. “McKnight, Cohick, Gupta, and Gissing make a formidable lineup to cover Pauline studies and its related fields with integrity, vision, and creativity. I’ll be honest: I can’t wait to have this updated volume on my shelf just so I can use it myself.”

To learn more about the series of IVP Bible Dictionaries, please visit www.ivpress.com/the-ivp-bible-dictionary-series.