Missio Alliance has chosen five InterVarsity Press titles for its Top 10 Essential Reading List of 2015. The Missio Alliance editors wrote, “If you’re looking for books that seek to advance a theologically robust, diverse, and hopeful vision for evangelical witness amid the challenges and opportunities facing the North American Church in the 21st Century, we think these should be at the top of your list!”

The IVP titles that made the list include:

Missio Alliance also chose Roadmap to Reconciliation 2.0: Moving Communities Into Unity, Wholeness and Justice by Brenda Salter McNeil as a bonus essential read. The editors wrote, “Roadmap to Reconciliation isn’t officially available until next month, but having had the opportunity to read an advance copy, we highly recommend you get this book ordered!”

JR Rozko, Missio Alliance codirector and editorial director, wrote, “We’ve heard it said, ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions.’ Sadly, ‘good intentions’ are all many of our churches can boast of when it comes to the ministry of reconciliation imparted to us by Christ. This book is a rare gift in holding forth not just a compelling vision for communities of reconciliation, but a practical course of action to achieve it. Following the Roadmap to Reconciliation, so powerfully and honestly laid out by Brenda Salter McNeil, has the potential to help restore the integrity of our churches as outposts of God’s kingdom. All we need now are leaders and churches willing to embark on a journey beyond good intentions!”

The Missio Alliance editors selected the books for its Essential Reading List of 2015 based on two criteria: they excel in championing the intersection of theological reflection and ministry practice, and they offer a needed and irenic exploration of a crucial issue facing the Church in North America.

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