Patrick Johnstone, author of The Future of the Global Church, a new release from Biblica Books from InterVarsity Press, will visit five U.S. cities from January 14-25 to prepare American Christians for global ministry in the twenty-first century. Stops will include Pasadena, CA; Chicago, IL; Colorado Springs, CO; Dallas, TX; and Richmond, VA, and will consist of speaking events, book signings, world mission meetings and media interviews.

The tour is part of Johnstone's vision to equip churches and mission agencies with a strategic framework to make distinct contributions to world evangelization. Johnstone will utilize The Future of the Global Church to highlight the influence of evangelical Christianity over the past two centuries, including the astonishing growth of evangelicalism during the last fifty years, and will emphasize the role of the local church in reaching the world's least-evangelized people groups.

In a recent Mission Frontiers article, contributing editor Darrell Dorr called The Future of the Global Church "a carefully conceived and beautifully presented 'game plan' for world evangelization" and said Johnstone "combines the synthesizing mind of an analyst with the passionate heart of an evangelist."

Jeff Crosby, associate publisher and director of sales and marketing for InterVarsity Press, shares Dorr's enthusiasm. "InterVarsity Press is pleased to have Patrick Johnstone's The Future of the Global Church as part of our publishing program, and is delighted to partner with him as he engages with churches, communities and media." Crosby says. "We believe the book and Patrick's message will provide keen insight as churches think through their role in building the global church in the years ahead."

Johnstone is also the author of the first six editions of Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation, a book whose impact on global missions is incalculable. Over 2.5 million copies in seven editions and some sixteen languages have been distributed worldwide, and the book has played a key role in developing the global vision of African, Latin American and Asian missions. BothOperation World and The Future of the Global Churchare now published by InterVarsity Press as a result of IVP's acquisition of Biblica Books in January 2012.

To learn more about Patrick Johnstone's U.S. tour or The Future of the Global Church, visit The tour is sponsored by the U.S. Center for World Mission and InterVarsity Press.