InterVarsity Press, in partnership with CBA and Kregel Publications, has designed a Thoughtful Books display that will appear in the CBA Town Center at ICRS '11 in Atlanta, Georgia, July 10-13. The sixty-foot linear model section will highlight the best thoughtful books in four distinct categories: Bible Reference, Theology, Cultural Critique/Cultural Issues and Bible Study.

The display demonstrates IVP and Kregel's belief that pastors, church leaders and other readers are continuing to look for deep, thoughtful books in their local Christian bookstores. Both publishing houses agree that when retailers recognize and respond to this need, the category can prove to be profitable in the same way it has been for many of their leading customers.

"As a former Christian retail store owner I have seen how a section such as the one we are modeling in the Town Center can be both profitable and a distinct ministry to local pastors, church leaders and students of Scripture," Jeff Crosby, associate publisher at InterVarsity Press, said. "It is our hope that the model section will reintroduce retailers to the wealth of resources available from publishers such as IVP, Kregel and others. We want to join forces."

As the sponsors of the model and to underscore their commitment to thoughtful books, IVP and Kregel invited Crossway and Baker Publishing Group to feature key titles in each section as well.

ICRS attendees are invited to drop by the Town Center to browse the Thoughtful Books model section and to register to be one of four winners who will receive one book from each featured category. Also, Jeff Crosby and Dave Hill, executive director of sales and marketing at Kregel, will introduce the thoughtful books category and share merchandising tips and promotional ideas during two brief presentations on the CBA Town Center stage: Tuesday, July 12, at 11:30 a.m. and Wednesday, July 13, at 9:30 a.m.

"Dave and I are grateful for the partnership with Eric Grimm, Scott Graham and others at CBA who listened to our vision and made space for this special display in their Town Center," Crosby said. "It has been a delight to work with the professionals who provide leadership to the Christian products industry."