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  • Churches are struggling to meet the needs of their congregations and to entice people to return to church after pandemic living. But instead of rolling out fancy programs, ministry veteran Carolyn Carney says we can revitalize our churches through the simple yet powerful act of group prayer. Read this article for two practical tips on building prayer in your congregation.

  • The Flourishing Pastor: Recovering the Lost Art of Shepherd Leadership, By Tom Nelson

    The Flourishing Pastor

    Recovering the Lost Art of Shepherd Leadership

    Made to Flourish Resources

    by Tom Nelson
    Foreword by Chris Brooks

    With the risk of burnout at an all-time high, pastors need a new framework for ministry that will help them move from survival to flourishing. Drawing on the image of the shepherd leader, Tom Nelson offers pastors wisdom and timely vision for leadership that integrates in-depth biblical teaching and whole-life discipleship, providing a roadmap for ministry resilience and longevity.

  • The Leadership Jump: Building Partnerships Between Existing and Emerging Christian Leaders, By Jimmy Long

    The Leadership Jump

    Building Partnerships Between Existing and Emerging Christian Leaders

    by Jimmy Long

    Leadership is changing. Not only are established leaders passing the baton to up-and-coming leaders, the very nature of leadership is being transformed. Veteran leader and cultural observer Jimmy Long explains how leadership positions and roles have changed in light of societal shifts.

  • Wisdom from Babylon: Leadership for the Church in a Secular Age, By Gordon T. Smith

    Wisdom from Babylon

    Leadership for the Church in a Secular Age

    by Gordon T. Smith

    What does it mean to provide leadership for the church in an increasingly secular context? Analyzing the phenomenon of secularization in the West and charting common Christian responses, this indispensable resource from Gordon Smith discusses the competencies and capacities essential for cultivating distinctively Christian leadership today.

  • Praying for Your Pastor: How Your Prayer Support Is Their Life Support, By Eddie Byun

    Praying for Your Pastor

    How Your Prayer Support Is Their Life Support

    by Eddie Byun
    Foreword by Chip Ingram

    Pastors face demands and pressures on every side, but you can make a difference. Eddie Byun offers a handy, practical guide to praying for pastors, with stories of how congregational intercession changes things. When we pray for our leaders, their ministry is strengthened, the kingdom is advanced and lives and communities are transformed.

  • Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory, By Tod Bolsinger

    Canoeing the Mountains

    Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory

    by Tod Bolsinger

    Do you ever feel that you are leading in uncharted territory? Pastor and consultant Tod Bolsinger draws on decades of expertise guiding churches and organizations in this expanded practical leadership resource, offering illuminating insights and practical tools to help you reimagine what effective church leadership looks like in our rapidly changing world.

  • Problems of Christian Leadership, By John Stott

    Problems of Christian Leadership

    by John Stott
    Foreword by Ajith Fernando

    Christian leaders face challenges. But God works with us and through us to accomplish his purposes. Available here for the first time in English is John Stott's practical wisdom for younger leaders. Speaking personally from his own experience, Stott addresses issues of discouragement, self-discipline, relationships and youth.

  • Basic Christian Leadership: Biblical Models of Church, Gospel and Ministry, By John Stott

    Basic Christian Leadership

    Biblical Models of Church, Gospel and Ministry

    by John Stott

    Leadership today is no easy task. Too often our models of leadership are shaped more by culture than by Christ. John Stott rejects popular models of leadership and holds up instead the servant leadership exemplified by Paul in his ministry to the church in Corinth. Stott reassures us that God is at work even in the midst of human weakness.

  • An Unhurried Leader: The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence, By Alan Fadling

    An Unhurried Leader

    The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence

    by Alan Fadling

    What does it look like to let Jesus set the pace for your leadership? Through biblical illustrations, personal examples, and on-the-ground leadership wisdom, Alan Fadling guides you into a new view of kingdom leadership. You might just find that the whole of your life is transformed into a more livable and more fruitful pace.

  • Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry, By Ruth Haley Barton Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry, By Ruth Haley Barton

    Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

    Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry

    Transforming Resources

    by Ruth Haley Barton
    Afterword by Leighton Ford
    Foreword by Gary A. Haugen

    In this expanded edition of her spiritual formation classic, Ruth Haley Barton invites us to an honest exploration of what happens when spiritual leaders lose track of their souls. Weaving together contemporary illustrations with penetrating insight from the life of Moses, Barton explores topics such as facing the loneliness of leadership, leading from your authentic self, reenvisioning the promised land and more.