The Shaping of an Effective Leader: Eight Formative Principles of Leadership, By Gayle D. Beebe

The Shaping of an Effective Leader

Eight Formative Principles of Leadership

by Gayle D. Beebe
Foreword by Steve Forbes

The Shaping of an Effective Leader
  • Length: 208 pages
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  • Published: November 14, 2011
  • Imprint: IVP
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  • ISBN: 9780830838202

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Leadership is both an art and a science.

We may be tempted to look for a sure-fire formula, but the reality is quite different: effective leaders are exceptional generalists rather than narrow specialists. The best leaders take what the best business experts have to offer, and apply that based on their own abilities, experience and judgment. And these leaders seek real-life mentors and learn from them.

Gayle Beebe, who has spent over a decade as a college president, had the opportunity to study with Peter Drucker, the father of modern management and the author of The Effective Executive. Drawing on Drucker's influence as well as his own years of experiences as a pastor, administrator and president, Beebe has developed a pyramid of leadership principles. The combination of these defines a leader of influence and integrity.

In these pages you'll also meet some of Beebe's other mentors: Steve Sample of USC, Harold A. "Red" Poling of Ford Motor Company, Richard Foster of Renovaré, David McKenna of Asbury Seminary and Bob Emmons of SmartFinal.

In a day of relentless self-direction, strong leaders have a critical role. With this book you can discover what it takes to be effective in your sphere of influence.

"Every person who serves in leadership or aspires to needs to read this book. . . . This book instructs without being pedantic, inspires without being clichéd and challenges without being arrogant. It reminds us that leadership is not only an art; it is a practice to be nurtured, cultivated and honed over a lifetime. Because the book frames the leadership experience in such helpful and formative ways, someone aspiring for insight born of experience and rigorous thinking will find a reservoir of valuable wisdom."

Dr. Steve Moore, executive director and CEO, The M. J. Murdock Trust

"This book is for all individuals, organizations, schools and businesses, profit and nonprofit. During this time when leadership in political and industrial arenas has deteriorated, Beebe's book shows and develops the importance of maintaining clear convictions as we lead. The 'pyramid' of conditions for developing strong leadership makes it easy to discern where and how one is starting and where one is going."

Leslie Ridley-Tree, president and CEO, Pacific Air Industries

"This is not just another book on leadership. It is written by an effective leader who has achieved meaningful results in the organizations he has led. He shares with us lessons and principles he has learned from the mentoring relationships he had with Peter Drucker and other important thought leaders. It was Drucker who reminded us that a leader has only one choice to make--to lead or mislead. Gayle Beebe has chosen to lead. Read and learn from his wisdom and experience."

C. William Pollard, chairman emeritus, ServiceMaster

"This marvelous book on leadership is a product of Dr. Beebe's creative thinking and research, as well as his effective use of leadership concepts from other professional thinkers. The bottom line is this book is filled with challenging new ideas presented with great clarity. Whether you are just beginning your career, are a professional coaching top executives or have already achieved a significant leadership position, you will benefit from reading this insightful book. . . . Those willing to look critically into the mirror of this book will unquestionably become more effective leaders."

William T. Esrey, retired chair and CEO, Sprint

"I am so thankful for Gayle Beebe. I am confident that you will share my gratitude for him when you have completed reading The Shaping of an Effective Leader. In this wise, practical and insightful book, Beebe serves as a trustworthy guide for helping us understand the meaning and expectations of leadership. Readers will gain a greater appreciation for the work of leaders and leadership teams, as well as the key aspects of effective organizations. I learned much from this book and heartily commend it to others."

David S. Dockery, president, Union University

"Keep your highlighter handy! This book is brilliant--rich in wisdom, inviting in style and logical in structure. It is immensely, practically and immediately helpful. I'll admit my biases: great admiration for Gayle Beebe, huge respect for Peter Drucker and a warm friendship with the publisher, InterVarsity Press. Of any recent book on leadership, and there are many, I want this one close at hand."

John D. Beckett, chairman, The Beckett Companies, and author of Loving Monday and Mastering Monday

"Gayle Beebe's book is valuable precisely because it discusses how effective and moral leaders develop. . . . [He] wonderfully applies the insights of Peter Drucker, his former professor and the father of modern management theories."

From the foreword by Steve Forbes

"I believe the principles contained in this book will have a cumulative effect. Here is a leader who wants to wrestle with self-development while keeping it realistic to individual circumstances. Do you have a longing to be a leader? Do you have a desire to make a difference? If so, you will enjoy this book immensely. It will provide the motivation you need, daily, to improve and make progress on your leadership skills and character."

Albert Huizing IV, Haddington House Journal, 2014

"The Shaping of an Effective Leader by Dr. Gayle Beebe, president of Westmont College, offers a refreshing perspective of leadership that can be applied to not-for-profits, business or ministry. I have been inspired by the clarity of purpose of his leadership fundamentals."

WHOA Magazine for Women, Winter 2014

"The Shaping of an Effective Leader is likely to generate some excitement in leadership circles. Recommend it especially to pastors and church administrators, business owners and community leaders, and seminary students and business majors."

Daniel Johnson, CBA Retailers + Resources, January 2012


Foreward by Steve Forbes

Preface: "I Think He Said His Name is Peter"

Introduction: Eight Principles of Effective Leadership

Principle 1: The Necessity of Character: The Foundation of Effective Leadership
Principle 2: The Importance of Competence: Threshold Competencies and the Essentials of Effective Leadership
Principle 3: The Advantage of Team Chemistry: The Role of the CEO and the Top Management Team in Creating a Climate of Effectiveness and Success
Principle 4: The Interplay of Culture and Context: The Dynamic Relationship of Organizational Culture and Environmental Context
Principle 5: The Strength of Compatibility and Coherence: Discovering the Right Fit
Principle 6: Leading with Convictions: Making Life's Greatest Impact
Principle 7: Maintaining Our Connections: Facing Our Greatest Leadership Challenge
Principle 8: Making an Ultimate Contribution: Discovering Life's Greatest Purpose

Finis: When Our Time Is Up, Making Sure Our Life Has Mattered


Appendix 1: Vices, Virtues and the Leadership Pyramid
Appendix 2: An Overview of Top Management Work in the Twentieth Century


Annotated and General Bibliography


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Gayle D. Beebe

Gayle D. Beebe (MBA and PhD, Claremont Graduate University) is president of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. He is also the author of The Shaping of an Effective Leader and is the coauthor of Longing for God with Richard J. Foster.