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  • Pocket Dictionary of North American Denominations

    Pocket Dictionary of North American Denominations

    Over 100 Christian Groups Clearly Concisely Defined

    The IVP Pocket Reference Series

    Edited by Drew Blankman and Todd Augustine

    Editors Drew Blankman and Todd Augustine offer this quick reference guide to Bible churches, African American denominations, confessional churches, mainline denominations, churches in the evangelical tradition, Pentecostal churches and groups on the Christian fringe.

  • Pocket History of Evangelical Theology

    Pocket History of Evangelical Theology

    The IVP Pocket Reference Series

    by Roger E. Olson

    Roger Olson provides us with a concise, lively and readable history of evangelical theology. From pietism to evangelicalism, Olson shows the development of thought. Great as a reference book, a refresher course or for use in introductory theology classes.

  • God Has Chosen

    God Has Chosen

    The Doctrine of Election Through Christian History

    by Mark R. Lindsay

    Throughout the church's history, Christians have sought to understand the doctrine of election. On this journey through the Bible and church history, theologian Mark Lindsay turns to the various articulations of the early church fathers, John Calvin's view, the subsequent debate between Calvinists and Arminians, and Karl Barth's modern reconception of the doctrine.

  • Postmortem Opportunity

    Postmortem Opportunity

    A Biblical and Theological Assessment of Salvation After Death

    by James Beilby

    What happens to those who did not hear the gospel before death, or who heard an incorrect version? What about those who were too young or who were otherwise unable to respond? Examining the biblical evidence and assessing the theological implications, James Beilby offers a careful consideration of the possibility for salvation after death.

  • Israel and the Church

    Israel and the Church

    The Origins and Effects of Replacement Theology

    by Ronald E. Diprose

    In this important work, Dr. Diprose demonstrates the uniqueness of Israel and its special place in the divine plan.

  • The Rise of Evangelicalism

    The Rise of Evangelicalism

    The Age of Edwards, Whitefield and the Wesleys

    History of Evangelicalism Series

    by Mark A. Noll

    This inaugural book in a series that charts the course of English-speaking evangelicalism over the last 300 years offers a multinational narrative of the origin, development and rapid diffusion of evangelical movements in their first two generations. Written by Mark A. Noll and now in paper.

  • Raising Up Young Heroes

    Raising Up Young Heroes

    Developing a Revolutionary Youth Ministry

    by Efrem Smith

    Contextually relevant and foundationally timeless, Efrem Smith's book provides a model for holistic ministry that addresses all the needs of youth today--body, soul and spirit.

  • A Field Guide to Narnia

    A Field Guide to Narnia

    by Colin Duriez
    Foreword by Brian Sibley

    Colin Duriez helps you dig deeper into C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, introducing key themes, tackling sticky questions, and offering A-to-Z descriptions of characters, places, objects and events.

  • Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation

    Bacon Sandwiches & Salvation

    A Humorous Antidote for the Pharisee in All of Us

    by Adrian Plass

    Confronting his inner zealot with his weakness for the bacon sandwich, writer Adrian Plass comes through with a "humorous antidote" for the Pharisee in us all.

  • Bridges to Islam

    Bridges to Islam

    A Christian Perspective on Folk Islam

    by Phil Parshall

    Expanding on his acclaimed book Muslim Evangelism, Phil Parshall argues that the avenue for dialogue between Muslims and Christians runs through folk, not orthodox, Islam.