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  • The Future of the Global Church: History, Trends and Possibilities, By Patrick Johnstone

    The Future of the Global Church

    History, Trends and Possibilities

    Operation World Resources

    by Patrick Johnstone

    In The Future of the Global Church, Patrick Johnstone, author of six editions of the phenomenal prayer guide, Operation World, draws on his fifty years experience to present a breathtaking, full-color graphical and textual overview of the past, present and possible future of the church around the world.

  • John 13-21, Edited by Christopher Boyd Brown

    John 13-21

    Reformation Commentary on Scripture

    Edited by Christopher Boyd Brown

    When the Reformers turned to John's Gospel, they found a multitude of theological treasures: affirmation of the full divinity of Christ; insights into the relationships among the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and guidance for the church in their time. In this RCS volume, Christopher Boyd Brown guides readers through early modern commentary on chapters 13–21 of the Gospel of John.

  • Women in the Church: A Biblical Theology of Women in Ministry, By Stanley J. Grenz and Denise Muir Kjesbo

    Women in the Church

    A Biblical Theology of Women in Ministry

    by Stanley J. Grenz and Denise Muir Kjesbo

    Stanley Grenz and Denise Muir Kjesbo offer the first in-depth theological study of women's roles in the church—one of the most bitterly contested issues of our day. Carefully considering the biblical, historical, and practical concerns surrounding women and the ordained ministry, this book will enlighten people on all sides of the issue, concluding that women should serve as full partners with men.

  • Blessed Are the Unsatisfied: Finding Spiritual Freedom in an Imperfect World, By Amy Simpson

    Blessed Are the Unsatisfied

    Finding Spiritual Freedom in an Imperfect World

    by Amy Simpson

    Christians often hear that following Jesus means our lives should be full of satisfaction. But how many of us actually experience that kind of life? Amy Simpson wants to debunk this satisfaction myth in the church. In this freeing confession, Simpson explains that our very unsatisfaction indicates a longing for God, and understanding those longings can bring us closer to him. Discover anew what it truly means to be satisfied in Christ.

  • Jeremiah, By Derek Kidner


    Kidner Classic Commentaries

    by Derek Kidner

    The book of Jeremiah is full of national tragedy and the drama of rediscovering the forgotten book of Mosaic law. National events interweave with the lives of individuals; the rediscovered book of God's law transforms Josiah, Jeremiah and the future of the world. Derek Kidner, in this volume that was formerly part of the widely respected The Bible Speaks Today series, gives careful attention to the text and reveals its startling relevance to our own troubled time.

  • Service: Ministry with Heart and Hands, By R. Paul Stevens


    Ministry with Heart and Hands

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    by R. Paul Stevens

    Looking inside ministry specifically, R. Paul Stevens examines examples of service that were motivated by imagination, passion, faith, hope and love—from Genesis to Revelation. Out of these ten-session LifeGuide® Bible Study you will discover how to live and serve wholeheartedly. No matter what your profession, you are a full time minister of Jesus Christ.

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  • The Soul of Wine: Savoring the Goodness of God, By Gisela H. Kreglinger

    The Soul of Wine

    Savoring the Goodness of God

    by Gisela H. Kreglinger

    Wine is a wonderful, lavish, and mysterious gift from God. Gisela Kreglinger, the daughter of a vintner and trained as a theologian, invites us to discover wine as part of a more full-bodied Christian spirituality. Along with bread, wine is the gift we receive at the table of communion. Through these gifts we experience God's glorious and loving presence among us, feeding and nurturing us in body, soul, and spirit.

  • The New Testament in Seven Sentences: A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic, By Gary M. Burge

    The New Testament in Seven Sentences

    A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic

    Introductions in Seven Sentences

    by Gary M. Burge

    To understand the breadth of the gospel's message, we need to perceive the full tapestry of Scripture. Using seven key sentences from the New Testament, Gary M. Burge demonstrates how the themes of fulfillment, kingdom, cross, grace, covenant, spirit, and completion set a theological rhythm for our faith, outlining the broader pattern of Scripture that illustrates what God has done—and is bringing to fulfillment—in Christ.

  • Authentic Leader, By Bill Donahue

    Authentic Leader

    by Bill Donahue

    Bill Donahue shows you that Jesus is a different kind of leader. He understands your failures, demands your devotion, releases your strengths and rewards your obedience. His leadership is demanding, challenging, full of grace and led by the Spirit. He is a leader worth following. His model of leadership is worth emulating. A Willow Creek Resource.

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  • The Magnificent Journey: Living Deep in the Kingdom, By James Bryan Smith

    The Magnificent Journey

    Living Deep in the Kingdom

    Apprentice Resources

    by James Bryan Smith

    There is a road to life in the unshakeable kingdom of God, but it's not an easy journey. In this book James Bryan Smith shows us the better road, the road less travelled, but the road full of riches. Along the way he introduces us to new spiritual practices that will provide the sustenance we need for the deepest, most joy-filled journey of our lives—the journey into the heart of God.