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Preaching's Preacher's Guide to the Best Bible Reference

The prophet Jeremiah and King Josiah were born at the end of the longest, darkest reign in Judah's history. Human sacrifice and practice of the black arts were just two features of the wickedness that filled Jerusalem from one end to the other with innocent blood. As outspoken prophet and reforming king, these two men gave their country its finest opportunity of renewal and its last hope of surviving as the kingdom of David.

The book of Jeremiah is full of turmoil and national tragedy, the story of key people like Baruch, Gedaliah and Ebedmelech the Ethiopian, and the drama of rediscovering the forgotten book of Mosaic law. National events interweave with the lives of individuals; the rediscovered book of God's law transforms Josiah, Jeremiah and the future of the world. Derek Kidner, in this volume that was formerly part of the widely respected The Bible Speaks Today series, gives careful attention to the text and reveals its startling relevance to our own troubled time.


Publisher's preface
Author's preface
Chief abbreviations
Introduction: The life and times of Jeremiah
Prologue: The prohet's call (Jeremiah 1)
1 From Josiah to the first year of Nebuchadrezzar (Jeremiah 2-20)
2 From Josiah's successors to the captivity (Jeremiah 21-45)
3 Oracles concerning the nations (Jeremiah 46-51)
Epilogue: Jerusalem and Babylon--A historical footnote (Jeremiah 52)
A Sin, judgment, repentance, grace and salvation in the preaching of Jeremiah
B The chapters of the book in their chronological setting
C A table of dates


Derek Kidner (1913–2008) was warden of Tyndale House, Cambridge. He wrote several volumes in the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary series, including those on Genesis, Ezra and Nehemiah, Psalms, and Proverbs.

Kidner's works are full of the marks of both professor and pastor with his even­handed scholarship as well as his devotional insight. These qualities have made his commentaries in the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary series and The Bible Speaks Today series some of the most beloved and popular of recent decades. Kidner had a long career in both the church and the academy in England. He studied at Cambridge University and then served in the ministry for several years before becoming a senior tutor at Oak Hill Theological College. Kidner began his writing career while serving as warden of Tyndale House in Cambridge from 1964 to 1978, publishing his ninth and final book, The Message of Jeremiah, in 1987.