"Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer." —Rainer Maria Rilke

Life is full of questions: questions about our identity, our relationships, our faith. Sometimes it seems like there are no easy answers. But our questioning can lead us on a journey into greater understanding and purpose.

Jeffrey Keuss says that asking good questions helps us to lead good lives. He takes us on a tour of Scripture to find insights from people who asked questions of God and others. From God asking Adam and Eve, "Where are you?" to the Samaritan woman asking Jesus for water, Live the Questions explores critical questions in Scripture and what they can teach us about doubt, faith, and uncertainty in our everyday lives.

Grappling with hard questions is necessary for us to form deeper faith commitments and discern who we are called to become. So don't be afraid of the questions—live them.

"Over the years, I have had so many questions of God. How long will injustice go on? Where is God in our pain? But my friend Jeff Keuss says that we make our spiritual journey through wrestling with the questions, not just getting easy answers. This book will help you live the questions. If you ask good questions on your knees in prayer listening to God, then God will speak to you. And within his body of the church, together we can transform the world."

John Perkins, cofounder, Christian Community Development Association, founder, John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation

"Part personal reflection, part Ecclesiastes-like commentary, part Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for training in faith that forms a genuine life, Jeff Keuss's book displays the practiced wisdom and gentle realism that comes from having looked into the eyes of both idealistic students and cynical adults. Life is not about certainty, he writes, but confidence borne of a courageous questioning—a pursuit that is tutored by philosophers, artists, and prophets, and deepened by divinely inspired questioners in the Bible itself. If you are ready for a more authentic faith and a more meaningful life, then Professor Keuss is the right guide and his book is a good tool."

Tod Bolsinger, vice president and chief of leadership formation, Fuller Seminary, author of Canoeing the Mountains

"Many may desire a shortcut to navigate life's struggles, yet Dr. Keuss's words serve as a balm for those of us who are both answer-less and weary. I highly recommend this book to anyone who aches for simple answers or has a friend, colleague, student, or family member who has a similar yearning. Dr. Keuss humbly and wisely pastors the reader through this desire into the awe and questions that arise from the presence of the Almighty."

Gus Peterson, director of convocation, Pepperdine University


Introduction: The Power of Asking Good Questions
1. Where Are You? The Big Question
2. Am I My Brother's Keeper? A Question of Responsibility
3. How Will I Know? Questioning in Times of Uncertainty
4. Who Am I? Questions of Shame, Fear, and Identity
5. Why This Burden? Questions of Burdens and Doubts
6. If Only I Could Vanish in Darkness: Questions of Loss, Conviction, and Work
7. How Can I Be Born After Growing Old? The Cost of Discipleship
8. Where Do You Get That Living Water? Commitment and Community
Conclusion: I Was Blind, but Now I See: Next Steps for the Journey


Jeffrey F. Keuss (PhD, University of Glasglow) is professor of Christian ministry, theology, and culture at Seattle Pacific University. He is also the executive director of Pivot Northwest. He is a regular contributor to the The Kindlings Muse podcast on theology and culture and is on the editorial board of Literature and Theology. His books include Freedom of the Self, Blur, and Your Neighbor's Hymnal. Keuss lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife, Diana, and their three children.

BY Jeffrey F. Keuss

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