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  • The Art of Holy Week and Easter

    The Art of Holy Week and Easter

    Meditations on the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus

    by Sister Wendy Beckett

    Brimming with Sister Wendy Beckett's's irrepressible wisdom and enthusiasm, this little book explores the spiritual riches to be found in some of the world's greatest paintings of the Passion and resurrection of Jesus. Including thirty full-color masterpieces of Western art, this devotional will help you appreciate all that these paintings convey to the discerning eye.

    Number of Studies: 30

  • The Art of Advent

    The Art of Advent

    A Painting a Day from Advent to Epiphany

    by Jane Williams

    Take a reflective journey from Advent to Epiphany and discover the timeless wisdom to be found in some of the world's greatest paintings. Illustrated in full color with nearly forty masterpieces of Western art, this devotional will lead you into a deeply prayerful response to all that these paintings convey during Christmas time and beyond.

    Number of Studies: 37

  • Can a Scientist Believe in Miracles?

    Can a Scientist Believe in Miracles?

    An MIT Professor Answers Questions on God and Science

    Veritas Books

    by Ian Hutchinson

    Plasma physicist Ian Hutchinson has been asked hundreds of questions about faith and science. Is God’s existence a scientific question? Is the Bible consistent with the modern scientific understanding of the universe? Are there scientific reasons to believe in God? In this comprehensive volume, Hutchinson answers a full range of inquiries with sound scientific insights and measured Christian perspective.

  • The Hermeneutical Spiral

    The Hermeneutical Spiral

    A Comprehensive Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

    by Grant R. Osborne

    In this revised and expanded edition, Grant Osborne provides seminary students and working pastors with the full set of tools they need to travel the hermeneutical spiral—moving from sound exegesis to the development of biblical and systematic theologies and to the preparation of sound, biblical sermons.

  • A Little Book for New Bible Scholars

    A Little Book for New Bible Scholars

    Little Books

    by E. Randolph Richards and Joseph R. Dodson

    Many young Bible scholars are passionate for the Scriptures. But is passion enough? Randolph Richards and Joseph Dodson encourage students of the Bible with wisdom from years of experience. Full of warmth, humor, and an infectious love for Scripture, this book invites a new generation of young scholars to dig into the complex, captivating world of the Bible.

  • Spiritual Rhythms in Community

    Spiritual Rhythms in Community

    Being Together in the Presence of God

    by Keith Meyer

    In the midst of full lives, we need rhythm--life-giving patterns that deepen our connection with God and others. Jesus' rhythm can be yours with this participatory guide by Keith Meyer designed to help you intentionally adopt a new pattern for life, one that facilitates ongoing growth and transformation in the context of community.

  • The Gap Decade

    The Gap Decade

    When You're Technically an Adult but Really Don't Feel Like It Yet

    by Katie Schnack

    The gap decade is that sometimes difficult transitional season young adults face in their twenties and early thirties. In this quirky and honest chronicle, Katie Schnack explores the common experiences of these unpredictable years between adolescence and adulthood, sharing how she has discovered a life full of grace and joys that can't be ordered via two-day delivery.

  • Practical Justice

    Practical Justice

    Living Off-Center in a Self-Centered World

    by Kevin Blue

    You know the world is full of injustice. You know that God calls Christians to work for justice on the earth. But what can you do? Kevin Blue presents a how-to for living a life engaged in justice. This book is for anyone who wants to move from awareness to action.

  • Longing for More

    Longing for More

    A Woman's Path to Transformation in Christ

    Transforming Resources

    by Ruth Haley Barton
    Foreword by Lynne Hybels

    Ruth Haley Barton looks at the complexity of women's lives and how women experience spiritual transformation. Underneath all the confusion is a longing for freedom—not the freedom to do as we please, but the freedom to discover our full identity in Christ and use our gifts to serve him.

  • This Sacred Moment

    This Sacred Moment

    Becoming Holy Right Where You Are

    by Albert Haase OFM

    What does it mean to be a holy person? The answer might surprise you. This delightful yet challenging book from spiritual director Albert Haase provides practical wisdom for becoming holy--right in the midst of "ordinary" life. With brief, engaging chapters that include a few reflection questions, this book is designed to fit into our full lives.