This Sacred Moment: Becoming Holy Right Where You Are, By Albert Haase OFM

This Sacred Moment

Becoming Holy Right Where You Are

by Albert Haase OFM

This Sacred Moment
  • Length: 121 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.25 in
  • Published: December 02, 2010
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: 3543
  • ISBN: 9780830835430

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What does it mean to be a holy person? The answer might surprise you.

This delightful yet challenging book from spiritual director Albert Haase provides practical wisdom for becoming holy--right in the midst of "ordinary" life.

"Any and every situation holds the grace for the transformation called holiness. . . . [By] imitating Christ and emptying myself for the benefit of another," Haase writes, "I can become holy right where I am."

Haase guides us in this new way of living, offering practices that help us discern what God is calling us to in each moment, as well as clear direction for living in the Spirit, the source of our holiness. With brief, engaging chapters that share real stories of people who are living out holy transformation and short reflection questions, this book is designed to fit realistically into our already full lives.

"I believe that holiness is not as elusive or impossible as most of us think," Haase says. "That's not to say it's easy; it certainly is not. But I think there are many people in the world . . . who know that God calls them right where they are. Living in and guided by the Spirit, they imitate Jesus: they selflessly respond to God's call in this sacred moment for the enrichment of others."

You can too. Here's how.

"Haase has written an engaging book that is both reassuring and challenging for contemporary Christians desiring to become 'holy right where you are.'"

Presence, online review, Volume 17.1, March 2011

"Good teachers of the spiritual life—who open up the gospel so that we can live it ourselves—are rare. Father Albert Haase is one of these wise people. He joins biblical wisdom with centuries of lived experience. In This Sacred Moment he focuses on the inward deepening that shows itself in a generous outward life. And blesses us."

Emilie Griffin, author of Doors into Prayer and Souls in Full Sail

"What a refreshing mixture of story and spiritual wisdom. Fr. Albert Haase offers a simple yet profoundly insightful book for finding the marvelous mundane in the moments of our day. I believe spiritual directors and directees will find this book to be a rich resource."

Gary W. Moon, M.Div., Ph.D., vice president, Richmont Graduate University, and author of Apprenticeship with Jesus

"With engaging Franciscan simplicity, and in a lucid and accessible style, Father Haase writes of holiness as responding to God's call in the present moment—a teaching he finds in the spiritual classic Abandonment to Divine Providence and re-presents in contemporary terms. . . . [Readers] will find much to ponder in the rich examples and insightful reflection questions offered in this down-to-earth and warmly written book."

Timothy M. Gallagher, O.M.V., author of The Discernment of Spirits

"I've finally got an answer for folks who wonder how it's possible to pursue holiness in a cavalierly secular age. I can tell them: journey into This Sacred Moment. Father Albert envisions holiness as a series of gentle decisions refashioning us into people of charity. With an engaging mix of Scripture, storytelling, practical steps and reflective questions, he makes holiness seem not only possible for you and me, but quite likely. Unleash your inner saint!"

Alice Camille, coauthor of The Forgiveness Book

"Spiritual director Albert Haase, OFM, distills deep insight and practical steps into a readable, warm welcome to living a life that is more Spirit-led in This Sacred Moment."

Sojourners, March 2011

"Albert Haase gives simple and profound inspiration to finding your way in his footsteps and with memoirs of others who have chosen his path. This Sacred Moment is a charming and driven read for those who want a bit of divinity in their own lives."

James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review, February 2011

"Providing practical wisdom for becoming holy in the middle of 'ordinary' life, Fr. Hasse offers examples by highlighting real people becoming holy as they raise their children, cope with illness, care for elderly parents, or show kindness to strangers."

CBA Retailers + Resources, December 2010


1 Knowing Holiness When We See It
2 Selflessness as the Heart of Holiness
3 From Self-Reflection to Self-Emptying
4 How God Calls
5 The Knock on the Door
6 A New Understanding of God?s Will
7 Principles of Ongoing Discernment
8 Practices of Ongoing Discernment
9 Discovering Our Story in Scripture
10 Developing a Reflective Lifestyle
11 The Obstacle of the Ego
12 The Gospel's Antidote
13 The Traits of Selflessness
14 The Traits of Openness
Appendix: Summary Principles
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Albert Haase OFM

Albert Haase, OFM, is a preacher, teacher, and spiritual director. A former missionary to mainland China for over eleven years, he is the award-winning author of ten books on popular spirituality and the presenter on five bestselling DVDs. He holds a PhD in historical theology from Fordham University and an MDiv from Catholic Theological Union. He is currently serving as chaplain at Cedarbrake Retreat Center near Austin, Texas.