Spiritual Rhythms in Community: Being Together in the Presence of God, By Keith Meyer

Spiritual Rhythms in Community

Being Together in the Presence of God

by Keith Meyer

Spiritual Rhythms in Community
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  • Published: January 16, 2012
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Jesus had rhythm. His regular patterns of withdrawing from life to have intimate time with his Father and then embracing and entering into rich relationships with others allowed him to carry out his enormous mission with wisdom, grace and authentic love.

In the midst of busy, full lives, with demands for our time and attention coming from every direction, we need rhythm--life-giving patterns in our days and weeks that deepen our connection with God and strengthen our relationships with others.

Jesus' rhythm can be yours with this participatory guide to growth in God and mission in the context of community. "We learn from Jesus' example," Keith Meyer writes, "that spiritual disciplines are best done in some degree or expression of community where they are experienced and reflected on together. . . . We [also] learn from Jesus that the disciplines are to work as a baseline for a life rhythm of formation and community and result in a powerful mission that begins to sweep others into the ever growing number of those in the dance of the trinitarian life."

In light of Jesus' model, then, Meyer helps you intentionally adopt a new pattern for our life, one that facilitates ongoing growth and transformation, through

  • formational spiritual practices designed for groups to experience together
  • meditations on the Psalms
  • group discussion questions

Together with a small group or a staff team, your family or your friends, find your rhythm in the life of the One who came that we might have life to the full.

"Keith Meyer is on a journey with Jesus--in the local congregation, in the scholastic academy, in the self-employment business--in short, in the real world. Spiritual Rhythms in Community is a worthwhile and important post from his road, reminding us of the disciplines for personal formation and introducing us to relational practices that we need. It is a commendable guide for the journey inward and the journey outward, personally and in community."

Lyle SmithGraybeal, coordinator, Renovaré USA

"Spiritual Rhythms in Community provides profound yet tender and accessible guidance on how to live our life with God. It gives us a vivid presentation of Jesus as one who led a rich life of ordered practices and who led his immediate followers into those practices. For those who trust him, he is the door into a life of grace framed by disciplines. There his promises are fulfilled: our day-to-day life becomes a safe and abundant place to dwell. The guidance given is received from the author's experiences in such a life and from his work with many others under his instruction. That makes it realistic. The use of Scripture (especially the Psalms) that he encourages is beautiful and powerful."

Dallas Willard, author of Hearing God

"With the humble heart of a pastoral storyteller, Keith mentors us in the beautiful ways of quiet contemplation and social engagement."

Nathan Foster, professor, Spring Arbor University, and author of Wisdom Chaser

"Spiritual rhythms are meant to bring us into fresher and deeper experiences of God, community and mission, yet in our busy world with so many distractions we often fail to make these connections. In this important book, Keith Meyer explores the rhythms of prayer and solitude that are at the core of a deeper faith. I heartily recommend it to all who are seeking greater intimacy with God."

Christine Sine, executive director of Mustard Seed Associates

"I consider Keith Meyer to be a wonderful friend. I also consider him to be a rare combination of megachurch pastor, spiritual pilgrim and engaging communicator. So it is no surprise that I think his latest book, Spiritual Rhythms in Community, is his best yet. What a wonderful job of placing the Christian disciplines in the context of community."

Gary W. Moon, executive director, Dallas Willard Center for Christian Spiritual Formation, and author of Apprenticeship with Jesus

"Keith Meyer is a visionary practitioner of the things about which he writes. Since I first met him, in every setting in which he serves, this vision has been the abiding energy of his life and ministry. In his book, you'll learn from one who has gone there himself."

Mindy Caliguire, author of Discovering Soul Care

"Meyer makes the ancient and deeply formative ways of the early church present and possible for us today. Full of stories and examples from real life, Spiritual Rhythms in Community translates the often burdensome courses of ordinary existence into both the times and the means for spiritual growth and rich Christian experience."

Phyllis Tickle, compiler of The Divine Hours

"Juggling the pressures of culture, technology, media, work and family is something few of us can do alone or by accident. We need intentionality and a guide. Keith Meyer's Spiritual Rhythms in Community offers tools for ordering the 'to-dos' of life with your hunger for God. It's practical, down to earth, personal and engaging."

Adele Calhoun, copastor, Redeemer Community Church, and author of Invitations from God

"In Spiritual Rhythms in Community, Keith Meyer offers us a critical insight not found anywhere else: spiritual disciplines are not only supposed to help us become more Christlike but they are best done in community and are to send us forth on mission. Meyer puts flesh and bones on this threefold insight with the practical exercises he offers. Anyone on the spiritual journey would be wise to have this guidebook in their backpack!"

Albert Haase, O.F.M., author of Coming Home to Your True Self and This Sacred Moment

"Needed help for a culture out of rhythm with its soul. Sometimes we must move fast, Keith shows us how to do so from a satisfied soul."

Bill Hull, author of Choose the Life

"In Spiritual Rhythms in Community, Keith Meyer deftly invites us on the inward journey in gentle and courageous ways, then turns us around and sends us back out into the world in unforced rhythms of grace."

Janet O. Hagberg, spiritual director and author of The Critical Journey and Real Power


Prelude: Going to a Place Where You Can Be Found
Introduction: The Trinitarian Two-Step

Part One: The Rhythms of Disengagement

The Father's Good Shepherding: Psalm 23
1. Getting Alone to Be with the Father
Finding Our Rhythm: A Day with Jesus in Luke's Gospel

Sacred Space and Time: Psalm 84
2. Creating a Retreat Center of the Heart
Finding Our Rhythm: Storm on the Sea Icon

Wilderness Living: Psalm 63
3. Encountering the Ancient Desert and Postmodern Wild
Finding Our Rhythm: Watching Into the Wild

Divine Constant Contact: Psalm 139
4. Going Off-Line
Finding Our Rhythm: Praying Your Day

Soul Shushing: Psalm 131
5. Wasting Time Just Being
Finding Our Rhythm: Taking a Day to Do Nothing

Sounds of Silence: Psalm 65
6. Entering into Quiet
Finding Our Rhythm: Watching Into Great Silence

Part Two: The Dance of Engagement

Life Together: Psalm 133
7. Writing On Each Other's Hearts
Finding Our Rhythm: Taking an Intercessory Prayer Flight

Night and Day: Psalms 4--5
8. Using Earthly Attachments for a Fix on Eternity
Finding Our Rhythm: Praying Seven Lord's Prayers a Day

A Clean Record: Psalm 130
9. Asking Forgiveness of Another
Finding Our Rhythm: Ninth-Step Work "Examination and Amends"

Seeing Widows and Orphans: Psalm 68
10. Going to Be with the Poor
Finding Our Rhythm: A Day in Criminal Court or a Food Ministry

Enjoying God?s Good Life: Psalms 111--112
11. Using a Weakness to Cultivate a Strength
Finding Our Rhythm: Taking a Virtue Walk

Safe Journey Home: Psalm 121
12. Making Our Life a Pilgrimage to Heaven
Finding Our Rhythm: Pilgrimage with a Saint

Conclusion: Staying in a Place Where You Can Be Found
A Guide for Groups
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Keith Meyer

Keith Meyer (DMin, MDiv) has served three churches as senior pastor and as the executive pastor at Church of the Open Door. He is an adjunct professor at Denver Seminary and is a senior teaching fellow with the Renovaré Spiritual Formation Institute. He is one of the authors of The Kingdom Life: A Practical Theology of Discipleship and Spiritual Formation. Meyer is also a speaker, teacher, and retreat leader through his organization, Becoming the Change Ministries. He provides individualized coaching for the personal formation of pastors and leaders and consults with staff teams, churches, and Christian organizations for developing corporate plans for becoming communities of formation and mission. He also provides training for leaders to develop plans of regular soul care for themselves, their staff and congregations. Meyer is a contributing editor for Leadership Journal and also for the academic journal of Biola/Talbot's Institute of Spiritual Formation, the Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. He and his wife live in the Minneapolis area.