The Art of Lent
The Art of Lent
  • Length: 112 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 6.25 in
  • Number of Studies: 40
  • Published: February 15, 2022
  • Item Code: A0426
  • ISBN: 978-1-5140-0426-5

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This delightful book describes and interprets a series of forty full-color paintings for each day of Lent.

Artists often address subjects that our culture seeks to avoid, and the brilliant and perceptive reflections from nun and art historian Sister Wendy Beckett will help you to read these paintings with a more discerning eye and encounter deeper levels of spiritual meaning than may at first appear.

"For those who want to appreciate the spirituality behind some of the world's greatest works of art, this book will be hugely inspiring—not only during Lent but at any time of the year."

Janina Ramirez, art historian and broadcaster


Ash Wednesday: Repentance
Thursday: Forgiveness
Friday: Humility
Saturday: Purification

Week One: Silence
Monday: Profound silence
Tuesday: Desiring silence
Wednesday: Beyond Babel
Thursday: Meditative silence
Friday: A paradox
Saturday: Silence and time

Week Two: Contemplation
Monday: Into the light
Tuesday: Manifestation
Wednesday: The still mind
Thursday: A rich emptiness
Friday: Amid the chaos
Saturday: A still life

Week Three: Peace
Monday: Finding a balance
Tuesday: The illusion of peace
Wednesday: Choosing peace
Thursday: Isolation
Friday: Conditional peace
Saturday: A meaningful life

Week Four: Joy
Monday: Choosing joy
Tuesday: Joy in infancy
Wednesday: Embracing joy
Thursday: Lost in time
Friday: Radiant truth
Saturday: Beyond experience

Week Five: Confidence
Monday: A vision
Tuesday: Joyful confidence
Wednesday: Inner tranquility
Thursday: Courage
Friday: A bright fortress
Saturday: Absolute trust

Week Six: Love
Monday: Tender reverence
Tuesday: Chasing the butterfly
Wednesday: Forgetting self
Maundy Thursday: No greater love
Good Friday: Passionate sacrifice
Holy Saturday: Radiant expectation

Easter Day: Resurrection

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Sister Wendy Beckett (1930-2018) was a Carmelite nun and art historian who became world famous in the 1990s when she presented a series of BBC documentaries on the history of painting. She studied for her degree in English at St. Anne's College, Oxford, where she graduated with highest honors. After teaching in South Africa, she returned to England in 1970 to live a fully contemplative life under the protection of a Carmelite monastery in Norfolk. She was the author of over thirty books on Christian art, including the internationally bestselling book, The Story of Painting.