IVP Academic has announced promotions for three members of its editorial team, including Rebecca Carhart to associate academic editor, Colton Bernasol to associate project editor, and Zach Gordon to associate academic managing editor.

Jon Boyd, associate publisher and academic editorial director, said, “I’m thrilled about the editorial team we’ve assembled for IVP Academic—truly a new kind of team with a diversity of expertise, publishing experience, backgrounds, and academic specialties.”

Rebecca Carhart joined IVP in 2012 as an editorial associate, and since 2018 has been in a project editor role for IVP Academic, working with authors and shepherding books through the production process. As an associate academic editor Carhart will develop new books and work closely with authors to strengthen their academic titles throughout the process to publication. “I’ve been fortunate enough to work very closely with Rebecca for years. She makes everything she touches better,” Boyd said. “She’s so productive that she’s always looking for opportunities to work with more authors on more books. This move positions her for that.”

Colton Bernasol was a research assistant at Wheaton College and a graduate assistant in multicultural student affairs for the Latino/a/e community at Northwestern University before he joined IVP in June 2022 as academic assistant project editor. Bernasol will now have an expanded role to concentrate on working with scholars in theology and philosophy to acquire, develop, and publish their books. Boyd said, “Everyone who gets to work with Colton—authors and IVP colleagues alike—will count their blessings. He brings a deeply knowledgeable passion for theology and philosophy along with a Christian integrity that’s inspiring.”

Zach Gordon completed his MA degree in theological studies from Regent College, Vancouver, in May 2021 before he joined IVP in August 2021. In his new role as associate academic managing editor Gordon will add to his project portfolio a number of academic series, notably the Reformation Commentary on Scripture (RCS). Boyd said, “Zach has been managing IVP Academic titles through production for quality, timely delivery, and he’s got the theological and biblical chops to contribute to their development throughout the editorial process, too. The RCS is in great hands.”

Together, Boyd adds, these three changes puts the academic editorial team in a place to grow the line that has been such a rich and substantial part of IVP’s history. He said, “The ‘new news’ today is about these particular promotions, but the three new roles should systemically strengthen the whole team, in fact, and give us new opportunities collectively. We’re better positioned than ever, I think, to acquire and develop great books across the range of university disciplines.”