InterVarsity Press received top honors in two of the eight categories for The Gospel Coalition's (TGC) inaugural Editors' Picks for 2015. IVP titles won in the Christian Living, and Faith and Work categories. 

Same-Sex Attraction and the Church

Same-Sex Attraction and the Church: The Surprising Plausibility of the Celibate Life by Ed Shaw was the editors' pick in the Christian Living category. Shaw experiences same-sex attraction and is committed to Scripture and the church's traditional position of fidelity in heterosexual marriage and celibacy in singleness.

HTGC editor Betsy Childs Howard wrote, "Ed Shaw has written winsomely and helpfully about what I consider to be the biggest discipleship issue facing the church: sexuality and identity in Christ. This is a book for the entire body of Christ, not just those who are same-sex attracted. Shaw accurately diagnoses nine false beliefs prevalent in our churches that have undermined a biblical view of sexuality and made it seem implausible. Yet the book left me hopeful and optimistic that the church can and must replace false beliefs with life-giving truth and love."

The Soul of Shame

TGC editor Bethany Jenkins chose The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories We Believe About Ourselves by Curt Thompson as the winner in the Faith and Work category. She wrote, "You might not expect this to be a faith and work book, but it's amazing how much shame plays a part in our work. It's 'the emotional weapon that evil uses to (1) corrupt our relationships with God and with each other, and (2) disintegrate any and all gifts of vocational vision and creativity.' Thompson’s stories, which range from the personal to the professional, illuminate how shame causes us to isolate and alienate ourselves from one another. Yet his stories also have the power to expose shame in our hearts and in our relationships. This is a beautiful and hopeful book that's both intellectually and emotionally moving."

TGC editors selected the Editors' Picks for 2015 based on whether they offered gospel-centered argument and application, included faithful and foundational use of Scripture, both Old Testament and New Testament, fostered spiritual discernment of contemporary trials and trends and encouraged efforts to unite and renew the church.

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