InterVarsity Press is pleased to introduce the first of its kind Academic Textbook Selector at The IVP Academic Textbook Selector is a unique search-engine tool that allows professors, students and other readers to search for books according to academic disciplines. Within each discipline, readers can then choose specific courses from a drop-down menu. "It really is the quickest and easiest way to find your next textbook," Nick Liao, academic sales and marketing manager, said.

IVP Academic developed the textbook selector in response to frequent requests for help from professors and students in search of recommended resources for courses they're teaching or topics they're researching. Now those looking for the perfect textbook can simply go to IVP's website and, with a single, simple search query, quickly find an array of valuable texts. Every IVP Academic title, including reference and many other titles from IVP's front- and backlist, was selected and categorized by IVP Academic editors. Search results are therefore relevant and focused, and they're displayed according to reading level (introductory, intermediate and advanced). "No other tool combines interactive search and expert curation like the Textbook Selector does," Liao said.

"One of the most crucial elements in course design is finding just the right texts for a class," says Steven Wilkens, professor of theology and ethics at Azusa Pacific University. "Over the years, IVP has been a dependable source for providing that perfect textbook. The IVP Academic Textbook Selector now streamlines the matchmaking process. It provides a simple and intuitive tool for identifying texts that fit the needs of your students, whether they are in introductory, intermediate or upper-division courses."

Because IVP is committed to facilitating broader conversations that are taking place both in the academy and the church, IVP hopes this tool will also serve as a valuable resource beyond the classroom, supporting thousands of pastors and lay leaders who preach and teach in their local churches each week.

You can try the IVP Academic Textbook Selector at or stop by the IVP booth if you are in San Francisco to attend the annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society (November 16-18, 2011) or the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature (November 19-22, 2011).