Missio Alliance has arisen in response to the shared voice of pastors and ministry leaders from across the landscape of North American Christianity for a new “space” of togetherness and reflection amid the issues and challenges facing the church in our day. We are united by a desire for a fresh expression of evangelical faith, one significantly informed by the global evangelical family. Lausanne’s Cape Town Commitment, “A Confession of Faith and a Call to Action,” provides an excellent guidepost for our ethos and aims.

Through partnerships with schools, denominational bodies, ministry organizations, and networks of churches and leaders, Missio Alliance addresses the most vital theological and cultural issues facing the North American Church in God’s mission today. We do this primarily by convening gatherings, curating resources, and catalyzing innovation in leadership formation.

Rooted in the core convictions of evangelical orthodoxy, the ministry of Missio Alliance is animated by a strong and distinctive theological identity that emphasizes

  • Comprehensive Mutuality: Advancing the partnered voice and leadership of women and men among the beautiful diversity of the body of Christ across the lines of race, culture and theological heritage.
  • Hopeful Witness: Advancing a way of being the people of God in the world that reflects an unwavering and joyful hope in the lordship of Christ in the church and over all things.
  • Church in Mission: Advancing a vision of the local church in which our identity and the power of our testimony is found and expressed though our active participation in God's mission in the world.

In partnership with InterVarsity Press, we are pleased to offer a line of resources authored by a diverse range of theological practitioners. The resources in this series are selected based on the important way in which they address and embody these values, and thus, the unique contribution they offer in equipping Christian leaders for fuller and more faithful participation in God's mission.

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Missio Alliance Partnership Books

A Sojourner's Truth by Natasha Sistruck Robinson

Experience the journey of a young African American girl from the United States Naval Academy into her calling as a speaker, mentor, writer, and teacher. Intertwining Natasha Sistrunk Robinson's story with the story of Moses, this prophetic memoir invites you to bring along your story as well—to discover your own identity, explore your truth-revealing moments, live unafraid, and gain a deeper sense of purpose.

Is your church wrestling with LGBT questions? Travis Collins has walked congregations through the complex issues surrounding gay Christians. In this practical resource, readers will hear from gay friends and dig into Scripture with interpreters on both sides, considering the implications of their convictions for life and ministry. Let's examine how we might welcome everyone into the church while calling for all to be transformed.

Jesus gave his followers seven key practices. When we practice these disciplines, God becomes faithfully present to us, and we in turn become God's faithful presence to the world. Pastor and professor David Fitch shows how these seven practices can revolutionize the church's presence in our neighborhoods, transform our way of life in the world, and advance the kingdom.

God Is Stranger by Krish Kandiah

Have we missed the Bible’s consistent teaching that God is other, higher, stranger? Krish Kandiah offers us a fresh look at some of the difficult, awkward, and even troubling Bible passages, challenging us to replace our sanitized concept of God with a more awe-inspiring, true-to-the-Bible God. Allow yourself to be surprised by God as you find him in unexpected places doing the unexpected.

Emboldened by Tara Beth Leach

Women are central to the mission of God. Pastor Tara Beth Leach issues a stirring call for a new generation of women in ministry: to teach, to preach, to shepherd, and to lead. Providing practical advice and encouragement, Leach shows how God not only permits women to minister—he emboldens, empowers, and unleashes them to lead out of the fullness of who they are.

White Awake by Daniel Hill

You may be white, but don't think you have no culture. Charting his own journey toward understanding his white identity, Daniel Hill shows us the seven stages we encounter on the path to cultural awakening. This timely book will give you a new perspective on being white and also empower you to be an agent of reconciliation in our increasingly diverse and divided world.

Paradoxology by Krish Kandiah

Many of us have big questions about God that the Christian faith seems to leave unanswered. But what if that tension is exactly where faith comes alive? Paradoxology boldly claims that the paradoxes that seem to undermine belief are actually the heart of our vibrant faith, and it is only by continually wrestling with them that God is most clearly revealed.

Embrace by Leroy Barber

God's call to the church is to love not just those who are easy to love, but also those we would rather avoid or ignore. Leroy Barber, a leading voice in reconciliation and justice, provides a rousing exhortation to build relationships across barriers, offering practical advice on how to do so. Embrace the challenge to show a divided world the bridge-building power of God's love.

Faithful Presence by David E. Fitch

How can the church engage the world, not by judgment nor accommodation but by becoming the good news in our culture? Offering seven distinct spiritual practices, David Fitch helps you re-envision church, what you do in the name of church, and the way you lead a church. Reimagine the church as the living embodiment of Christ, reflecting God's faithful presence to a desperate world.

The Church as Movement by JR Woodward and Dan White Jr.

JR Woodward and Dan White Jr. have trained church planters all over North America. In this interactive field manual, they help you and your team gain eight key competencies crucial for church planting so that you can create churches that flourish and launch their own sustainable missional and incarnational congregations.

Redeeming Sex by Debra Hirsch

Nothing has exposed the gap between the church and the broader society quite like the volatile topics of sexuality, relationships, identities, orientations and even gender. With a pastor's heart and a missiologist's mind, Debra Hirsch helps us discover a holistic, biblical vision of sex and gender that honors God and offers good news to the world.