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Today's Study

Job 2:1-6: Does God Put People into Satan's Hands?

Does God really put people into the hands of Satan merely to prove that he is right? And what about the suffering of the person in the meantime?

What God permits or allows is sometimes directly attributed to him. This is not to say that God is the author or sponsor of evil. The evil that came to Job could not be laid at the feet of the Lord just because he gave the go-ahead sign to Satan. Satan must take full responsibility for all that happened to Job. There were boundaries that were set by God, thus proving he still was sovereign and in control of the situation.

Satan had a cause or a reason for what he did; it was to discredit God and to ruin Job. But God had other purposes in mind. He wanted Job to grow through this experience. God was not at fault because Satan did not believe what he said about Job or about his relationship with him; Satan was the one at fault. God needed no proof for himself that he was in the right, nor did Job need proof from God; it was the Evil One himself who was deficient.

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