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Hebrews 11: Models of Faith

For more context before you begin studying, read this introduction to the book of Hebrews.

Probably no subject is so glibly misunderstood as faith. Nearly everyone professes to have some of it. Many people would like to have more. The writer to the Hebrews takes faith out of religious theory and clothes it with flesh and blood. The author does this with what we today call role models. These models inspire us to go on believing in Jesus.

Warming Up to God

Complete the sentence: "Faith is . . ."

Read Hebrews 11

Discovering the Word

  • Look for both assured confidence and calm expectation (v. 1) in the role models of faith in this chapter. How did Abel, Enoch and Noah express their faith (vv. 4-7)?
  • Considering the foolishness of his choices by human standards, what do you think Abraham's emotions were like (vv. 8-10)?
  • How does the promise of a heavenly country help us to keep our faith, even when we don't see our hopes fulfilled immediately (vv. 13-16)?
  • Why do you think Abraham's faith triumphed when he was asked to give up Isaac (vv. 17-19)?
  • How would you compare the faith of the named heroes and heroines who achieved greatness (vv. 20-35) with those unnamed persons who suffered grievously (vv. 35-38)?
  • Some Christians believe that faith always leads to material and physical blessing. What does this passage tell you about the role of both blessing and suffering for the faithful?

Applying the Word

  • In tough circumstances, what connection do you make between your faith and the certainty of resurrection (v. 35)?
  • What unseen certainties have guided you in making fundamental, life-changing decisions?

Responding in Prayer

Pray for the faith you need in your life right now to do God's will.

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