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Psalm 104: Protecting God's Creation

For more context before you begin studying, read this introduction to the book of Psalm.

One night last summer, I stretched flat on my back in the grass of Trail Ridge Camp Sherith in central Wisconsin. "The stars are great at camp," my kids had all said. I was there to find out.

They emerged slowly at first, a few in the central heavens, but none near the still-lighted horizon. Could I count them? Almost. Then more and more came out. The first ones glared trumpetlike against the inky black, while others danced a gentle harmony. Even the horizon forgot the glow of sun and took on hundreds of thousands of lesser lights. Constellations, those artificial lines connecting stars like so many games of dot-to-dot, followed the patterns of my schoolgirl memory. A shooting star streaked across the sky, as if to connect the dots for me in some new constellation. Should I wish upon it?

I prayed instead. But what could I say to a God who had made all this and had somehow created in me the ability to enjoy it? For a long time I lay silent. Perhaps silence was the most sensible part of my prayer.

Warming Up to God

When have you felt that God's creation helped you to know him?

Read Psalm 104

Discovering the Word

  • Study verses 1-4. How does the sky serve God?
  • Study verses 5-9. What elements of earth's creation show God at work?
  • Study verses 10-18. What relationships does this description of God's creation reveal?
  • Study verses 19-26. How do these verses express an orderliness to what God has made?
  • Study verses 27-30. How do these verses show that God not only created but also personally takes care of what he has made?
  • Study verses 31-35. What responses to God are triggered by the psalmist's meditation on creation?

Applying the Word

  • When have you enjoyed some aspect of the natural rhythms described here?
  • As you meditate on what God has made, how would you like to respond to God?

Responding in Prayer

Praise God for the glory of his creation.

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