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Isaiah 11-12: The Earth Will Be Full of Knowledge

For more context before you begin studying, read this introduction to the book of Isaiah.

It is always helpful when going through a time of trouble if you find some reason to hold on to hope for the future. In the first ten chapters of Isaiah there is a remarkable alternation of the imagery of light and darkness. In this alternation we see the true ministry of a prophet—not good news without the bad news of humanity's sinfulness; but not the bad news without the good news of God's redeeming grace. The hope expressed here is not a blind and shallow optimism. It is not a "you have never had it so good" philosophy borne along on the crest of economic prosperity. Reading the whole of Isaiah 7—12 shows how difficult and depressing the days of Ahaz were in many respects. Yet this chapter holds out in both general and specific terms a thrilling hope for the future.

Warming Up to God

What does the word hope mean to you?

Read Isaiah 11-12

Discovering the Word

  • Summarize the character of the person described as the "Branch" in 11:2-5.
  • What do verses 6-9 teach about the character of the kingdom of the One who is called the "Branch"?
  • Show how the great homecoming spoken of in 11:10-16 is spelling out in detail what the prophecy of 11:9 predicts.
  • How are the Branch of 11:1 and the Root of 11:10 related?
  • What are the main themes of the songs of thanksgiving in chapter 12?

Applying the Word

  • Which of the qualities of the Holy Spirit listed in 11:2 do you most want the Spirit to work in your life at this time? Why?
  • How does your church or fellowship best reflect his kingdom as it is described here?
  • In situations in your life how does trusting God mean reaffirming the truths of 12:2?

Responding in Prayer

Ask the Lord to show you what it means to live in hope for the future.

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