Media & Publicity


Meet the IVP Publicity Team

Alisse Wissman—Publicity Manager

(Magazines, Journals, Newspapers and News Services)

I'm happy to help you find topics or authors for your newspaper or magazine article. Our books speak on a wide range of subjects, and many of our authors are experts in their fields with solid experience. Don't see what you need on our website? I can also let you know what's "in the works" at InterVarsity Press by giving updates on books and authors to be published in the not-so-distant future.

Additionally, if you are looking for an academic expert or want to review engaging and scholarly books in your journal, I’d be happy to introduce you to our esteemed line of academic and reference books and their authors.

Krista Clayton—Senior Publicist

(Broadcast Radio and TV Programs, Podcasts and Blogs)

If you're looking for an expert guest for your radio, television or podcast program, I'll help you find someone who will offer solid insights on church history, pop culture, politics or whatever topic you're discussing.

Additionally, if you're in need of quality content for your website, whether it's a book review or an author interview, I'm here to help. I will also do my best to keep you informed about authors and books that address timely issues and breaking news.