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August 2019 Releases

Michael LeFebvre
Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancey
Terence Lester
Michael J. Ovey
Dale Larsen and Sandy Larsen
Edited by Robert J. Matz and A. Chadwick Thornhill
Derek Kidner
Sharon Garlough Brown
Andrew E. Steinmann
Mark DeVries and Scott Pontier
Sharon Garlough Brown
Jeffrey W. Barbeau
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
John Stott
Neil Powell and John James
Albert Haase, OFM

July 2019 Releases

June 2019 Releases

May 2019 Releases

James E. Beitler III
Ben Witherington III
Jen Pollock Michel
John P. Burgess and Jerry Andrews and Joseph D. Small
Os Guinness
Jeffrey F. Keuss
Bethany McKinney Fox
Christopher J. H. Wright