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Choosing the best Bible commentary can be a daunting task. Seminary students, pastors, and biblical scholars all have different needs when it comes to the Bible reference works that will suit them best. That's why we are breaking down IVP's wide variety of Bible commentary series to help you choose the tools that are right for you. Whether you're looking for extra help in a biblical studies class, resources for sermon preparation, or background details to take you deeper into personal or small group Bible study, you'll find a useful commentary on this list. Find your next resource below or explore all of our reference and commentary works.

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IVP Commentaries at a Glance

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Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture

AT A GLANCE ▶︎ Intermediate  ▶︎ Entire Bible  ▶︎ RSV  ▶︎ Look Inside   ▶︎ Also Available: ACCS Paperback Boxed Set

Series Editor: Thomas C. Oden

Want to learn how the ancient church fathers read and studied the Bible? Including commentary previously available only in the ancient languages, the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (ACCS) allows the living voices of the ancient church to speak as they engage the sacred page of Scripture. Promoting a vital link of communication between the varied Christian traditions of today and their common ancient ancestors in the faith, this ecumenical project revives the early commentary tradition known as the glossa ordinaria, a text artfully elaborated with ancient and authoritative reflections and insights. Scholars with a deep knowledge of the early church figures and a heart for the church have hand selected material for each of these twenty-nine volumes, shaping, annotating, and introducing it to today's readers.

"The Ancient Christian Commentary Series is a marvelous tool for the recovery of biblical wisdom in today's church. Not just another scholarly project, the ACCS is a major source for the renewal of preaching, theology and Christian devotion."

—Timothy George, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

Edited by Thomas C. Oden

Ancient Christian Doctrine

AT A GLANCE ▶︎ Intermediate  ▶︎ Nicene Creed  ▶︎ Look Inside

Series Editor: Thomas C. Oden

The five-volume Ancient Christian Doctrine (ACD) series is a follow-up to the acclaimed Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, providing patristic commentary on the Nicen Creed. Translating Greek, Latin, Coptic, and Syriac source material into readable English (some here for the first time), this series offers unparalleled insight into the early church's beliefs and history. Volumes include biographical sketches, a timeline of ancient Christian sources, indexes, bibliographies, and the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed in Greek, Latin, and English. These are valuable resources for scholars, teachers, and pastors interested in understanding key theological essentials in light of classic and consensual Christian faith.

"The Ancient Christian Doctrine series allows us to think with the church about the deepest issues of the Christian faith. Tom Oden and his colleagues have done a superb job in leading us to the wellspring of Christian wisdom in these classic expositions of the evangelical and apostolic tradition. A treasury of learning and faith for all followers of Jesus today."

—Timothy George, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

Edited by Thomas C. Oden and Gerald L. Bray and Michael Glerup

Ancient Christian Texts

AT A GLANCE ▶︎ Advanced  ▶︎ Select Old and New Testament Books  ▶︎ Scholars' Own Translations  ▶︎ Look Inside

Series Editors: Thomas C. OdenGerald L. Bray, and Michael Glerup

The Ancient Christian Texts (ACT) is a series of new translations of full-length commentaries and sermons based on biblical books or extended scriptural passages written by early church leaders and translated into English for the first time. If you liked the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture and wished you could read the full-length works those excerpts came from, the ACT volumes are perfect for you. Filled with pastoral and theological insights from the church's earliest commentators, these scholarly yet accessible texts are meant for any preacher, pastor, student, or teacher of Scripture who wants to be refreshed and enriched by the ancient wisdom of the church.

"The burst of renewed interest in the way the fathers of the church read, preached, and prayed the Scriptures is a blessing for the church and for scholars. . . . Ancient Christian Texts represent an excellent selection of patristic exegetical works, some of which will be available for the first time in English. This undertaking will be a great service to all who love the Bible."

—Joseph T. Lienhard, SJ, Fordham University

Edited by J. A. Motyer and John Stott

The Bible Speaks Today Series

AT A GLANCE ▶︎ Introductory  ▶︎ Entire Bible  ▶︎ NIV  ▶︎ Look Inside

Series Editors: J. A. Motyer and John Stott

The Bible Speaks Today (BST) commentaries are characterized by editor John Stott as embodying a "threefold ideal. . . . to expound the biblical text with accuracy, to relate it to contemporary life and to be readable." Each contributor is both a noted scholar and a working pastor, so if you preach or teach from Scripture, these commentaries will help you apply the timeless biblical message to the everyday experiences of your listeners. And if you study the Bible on your own, these volumes will be a helpful resource focusing on the significance of God's Word for your own life and work.

"The Bible Speaks Today series delivers on its promise: it allows us to truly hear the Scriptures in their original contexts, and empowers us to clearly communicate them in our own [contexts]. . . . With an eye to the preacher, these commentaries have helped me 'bring out of [the] storeroom new treasures as well as old (Mt 13:52)."

—Mark Buchanan, author and pastor

IVP Bible Background Commentary Set

AT A GLANCE ▶︎ Introductory  ▶︎ Entire Bible  ▶︎ Look Inside

Series Editors: Old Testament: John H. Walton, Victor H. Matthews, and Mark W. Chavalas. New Testament: Craig S. Keener

In two concise and accessible volumes, the IVP Bible Background Commentary Set provides historical, social, and cultural background for both the Old and New Testaments in verse-by-verse format. Each volume includes a glossary of cultural terms and important historical figures, maps and charts, up-to-date bibliographies, and introductory essays for each book of the Bible. These bestselling commentaries provide valuable context whether you're a pastor or church leader preparing a sermon, a missionary engaging with cultural biases, a college or seminary student, or any Bible reader looking to deepen your study of Scripture.

"I never study a New Testament passage without consulting this excellent work, and I do commend it at every opportunity!"

—Todd Hunter, bishop, Anglican Church of North America

Edited by Grant R. Osborne

The IVP New Testament Commentary Series

AT A GLANCE ▶︎ Introductory  ▶︎ Entire New Testament  ▶︎ NIV  ▶︎ Look Inside

Series Editor: Grant R. Osborne

The IVP New Testament Commentary Series is designed to provide clear, accessible explanations for every book of the New Testament. These introductory commentaries are perfect for pastors, small group leaders, and even individuals who are looking for a clear and reliable resource for personal or pastoral study. Each of twenty volumes includes passage-by-passage commentary based on the NIV, as well as background information on authorship, setting, theme, and various interpretive issues. Like the Tyndale commentary series, this series is a great option for the reader who is looking for a place to start.  

"Pastors and lay teachers will benefit from this clearly written, user-friendly volume for their preparation of preaching and teaching."
—Jang Ryul Lee, Theological Book Review

Kidner Classic Commentaries

AT A GLANCE ▶︎ Introductory  ▶︎ Select Old Testament Books  ▶︎ RSV  ▶︎ Look Inside

Series Author: Derek Kidner

The Old Testament commentaries of Derek Kidner (1913—2008) have been a standard for a generation, modeling conciseness, clarity, and insight. Previously published as volumes in the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary series and The Bible Speaks Today series, these five commentaries by Kidner are now featured in the Kidner Classic Commentaries for future generations to read and appreciate. For students, pastors, and professors alike, these volumes offer Kidner's devotional insight alongside even-handed scholarship.

"Many thousands more will know [Kidner] through his writings, his carefully crafted commentaries, his so readable expositions of Old Testament passages, his daily notes for Scripture Union, his priceless legacy of book after book on the Bible: the scholarship which he shared so freely with the wider world to their lasting benefit."

—John B. Taylor, from Kidner's funeral oration

Reformation Commentary on Scripture

AT A GLANCE ▶︎ Intermediate  ▶︎ Entire Bible (soon-to-be complete)  ▶︎ ESV  ▶︎ Look Inside

Series Editors: Timothy George (general editor) and Scott M. Manetsch (associate general editor)

If you are a preacher, teacher, or scholar interested in the Reformation, church history, or simply a link to the great cloud of witnesses that is the historical church, the Reformation Commentary on Scripture (RCS) may be the commentary for you. The RCS offers the biblical insights and rhetorical power of Reformation giants like Luther and Calvin, as well as lesser-known commentators such as Johannes Oecolampadius, Martin Bucer, Caspar Cruciger, and Giovanni Diodati, spanning the great diversity that constituted this movement. In each RCS volume, you will find the biblical text in English (from the ESV), unique introductions written by the volume editor which provide essential historical background, and Reformation-era commentary representing a range of theological traditions, much of which has never before been published in English.

"Now exegetical and theological treasures from Reformation-era commentators will be at our fingertips, providing new insights from old sources to give light for the present and future. This series is a gift to scholars and to the church; a wonderful resource to enhance our study of the written Word of God for generations to come!"

—Donald K. McKim, Westminster/John Knox Press

Edited by David G. Firth

Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

AT A GLANCE ▶︎ Introductory  ▶︎ Entire Old Testament  ▶︎ NIV or NRSV (new volumes), RSV (older volumes)  ▶︎ Look Inside

Series Editors: Donald J. Wiseman (original general editor), David G. Firth (new series editor), and Tremper Longman III (new consulting editor)

The Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries offer clear, reliable, and relevant explanations of every book of the Old Testament. Each of the twenty-seven volumes are designed to assist your study of the Bible, uncovering its meaning and message for today. Written by some of the world's most distinguished evangelical scholars, these introductory commentaries are designed to help readers understand both what the Bible says and how we can apply it. If you're looking to try a commentary for the first time, the Tyndale series is a great place to start.

"The Tyndale volumes have long been the premier shorter-length commentary series on both Testaments throughout the English-speaking world."

—Craig Blomberg, Denver Seminary

Edited by Eckhard J. Schnabel

Tyndale New Testament Commentaries

AT A GLANCE ▶︎ Introductory  ▶︎ Entire New Testament  ▶︎ NIV or NRSV (new volumes), RSV (older volumes)  ▶︎ Look Inside

Series Editors: Leon L. Morris (original general editor), Eckhard J. Schnabel (new series editor), and Nicholas Perrin (new consulting editor)

The Tyndale New Testament Commentaries offer clear, reliable, and relevant explanations of every book of the Bible. Each of the twenty volumes are designed to assist your study of the Bible, uncovering its meaning and message for today. Written by some of the world's most distinguished evangelical scholars, these introductory commentaries are designed to help readers understand both what the Bible says and how we can apply it. If you're looking to try a commentary for the first time, the Tyndale series is a great place to start.

"Tyndale commentaries are always useful. . . for preachers, Bible study leaders and for all readers of the Bible."

—Peter Adam, principal, Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia

More Bible Reference Resources

Still looking for the perfect Bible study reference resource? Check out our comprehensive list of commentaries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and more to get even more biblical insights from trusted scholars.

David Wenham and Steve Walton
Gordon J. Wenham
Stanley J. Grenz and David Guretzki and Cherith Fee Nordling
Edited by Leland Ryken and James C. Wilhoit and Tremper Longman III
Walter C. Kaiser Jr. and Peter H. Davids and F. F. Bruce and Manfred Brauch
Edited by Gordon J. Wenham and J. Alec Motyer and D.A. Carson and R. T. France
John Goldingay
Christopher J. H. Wright
Ben Witherington III