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  • Permission to Be Black

    Permission to Be Black

    My Journey with Jay-Z and Jesus

    by A. D. "Lumkile" Thomason

    While many saw a confident, six-foot-five Black man, A. D. "Lumkile" Thomason lived most of his life deeply wounded by encounters with violence, abandonment, and family tragedy. Tracing how the art of Jay-Z gave voice to his own longings and how the gospel of Jesus brought him healing, A. D.'s powerful story gives you permission to be Black, to be Christian, and to be the person God has made you to be.

  • The Challenge of Jesus

    The Challenge of Jesus

    Rediscovering Who Jesus Was and Is

    The IVP Signature Collection

    by N. T. Wright

    N. T. Wright's lectures and writings have been widely recognized for providing a fresh, provocative, and credible portrait of Jesus. This classic work is now available as part of the IVP Signature Collection, presenting an accessible introduction to the quest for the historical Jesus and why it matters for the Christian faith.

  • Jesus Behaving Badly

    Jesus Behaving Badly

    The Puzzling Paradoxes of the Man from Galilee

    by Mark L. Strauss

    The Jesus everybody likes, says Mark Strauss, is not the Jesus found in the Gospels. He preached about hell far more than the apostle Paul. He told his followers to hate their families. Not one of his twelve apostles was a woman. When we unpack these puzzling paradoxes and more, we gain greater insight into Jesus' countercultural message and mission.

  • Jesus the Messiah

    Jesus the Messiah

    A Survey of the Life of Christ

    by Robert H. Stein

    In this accessible introduction to Jesus Christ, Robert Stein draws together the results of a career of research and writing on Jesus and the Gospels. Now in paperback, this classic textbook is clearly written, ably argued, and geared to the needs of students, giving probing minds a sure grounding in the life and ministry of Jesus.

  • Rediscovering Jesus

    Rediscovering Jesus

    An Introduction to Biblical, Religious and Cultural Perspectives on Christ

    by David B. Capes, Rodney Reeves, and E. Randolph Richards

    Who is your Jesus? This textbook introduction gives an enjoyable and challenging look at how we encounter Jesus in Scripture and our culture—from the New Testament to the gnostic gospels, historical Jesus studies, Islam, Mormonism, Hollywood and Americana. Follow the path to seeing Jesus truly and notice the difference it makes for faith and life.

  • Fabricating Jesus

    Fabricating Jesus

    How Modern Scholars Distort the Gospels

    by Craig A. Evans

    Why are scholars so prone to fabricate a new Jesus? Why is the public so eager to accept such claims without question? What methods and assumptions predispose scholars to distort the record? Is there a more sober approach to finding the real Jesus? Craig Evans offers a sane approach to examining the sources for understanding the historical Jesus.

  • The Historical Jesus

    The Historical Jesus

    Five Views

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by James K. Beilby and Paul R. Eddy
    Contributions by Robert M. Price, John Dominic Crossan, Luke Timothy Johnson, James D. G. Dunn, and Darrell L. Bock

    The Historical Jesus: Five Views provides a venue for readers to sit in on a virtual seminar on the historical Jesus. Beginning with a scene-setting historical introduction by the editors, prominent figures in the Jesus quest set forth their views and respond to their fellow scholars. For both the classroom and personal study, this is a book that fascinates, probes and engages.

  • Hard Sayings of Jesus

    Hard Sayings of Jesus

    The Hard Sayings Series

    by F. F. Bruce

    Tackling seventy sayings of Jesus which are hard to understand or apply, F. F. Bruce reveals the true challenges of Jesus' teaching.

  • Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

    Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

    Cultural Studies in the Gospels

    by Kenneth E. Bailey

    Beginning with Jesus' birth, Ken Bailey leads you on a kaleidoscopic study of Jesus throughout the four Gospels, examining the life and ministry of Jesus with attention to the Lord's Prayer, the Beatitudes, Jesus' relationship to women, and especially Jesus' parables. The work dispels the obscurity of Western interpretations with a stark vision of Jesus in his original context.

  • Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament

    Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament

    Knowing God Through the Old Testament Set

    by Christopher J. H. Wright

    Has the Bible bound Christians to a narrow and mistaken notion of Jesus? To answer this question we need to know what story Jesus claimed for himself. In this revised and updated book Christopher Wright traces the life of Christ as it is illuminated by the Old Testament and describes God?s design for Israel as it is fulfilled in the story of Jesus.