Rediscovering Jesus: An Introduction to Biblical, Religious and Cultural Perspectives on Christ, By David B. Capes and Rodney Reeves and E. Randolph Richards
Rediscovering Jesus
  • Length: 272 pages
  • Dimensions: 6 × 9 in
  • Published: July 08, 2015
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
  • Item Code: 2472
  • ISBN: 9780830824724

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Readers' Choice Awards Honorable Mention

One of Nijay Gupta's Best Academic New Testament Books

Who is your Jesus? Matthew's teacher? John's Word made flesh? Hebrews' great high priest? What if it turned out that your Jesus is a composite of your favorite selections from the New Testament buffet, garnished with some Hollywood and Americana?

Rediscovering Jesus takes us on a gallery tour of biblical portraits of Jesus, from Matthew through Revelation. Our expert guides point out the background and highlights of each New Testament image of Jesus. Then we hit the streets to visit other houses of worship and their scriptures, examining the Jesus of the Book of Mormon and the Qur'an. Popping into a bookstore, we browse the latest on the Gnostic and the historical Jesus. Then we're off on a walking tour of Jesus in America, followed by a film festival of Jesus movies.

All along the way our tour guides describe and interpret, but also raise questions: How is this Jesus different from other portraits? If this were our only portrait of Jesus, what would our faith be like?

Rediscovering Jesus is an enjoyable, informative and challenging look at how we encounter Jesus in Scripture and our culture. With ample sidebars exploring contexts and the "so what?" questions, it takes us beyond other surveys by probing how our understanding of Jesus can make a difference for faith and life. From the authors of Rediscovering Paul, this is a textbook introduction to Jesus that guides us in our pilgrimage toward seeing Jesus truly.

"Rediscovering Jesus is an inviting, insightful and creative survey of various portraits of Jesus from both inside and outside the Bible. Readers will be provoked to think through the implications of the Jesus they may already believe in and follow (whether they know it or not!), and to listen to all the witnesses with a discerning ear."

Michael J. Gorman, Raymond E. Brown Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology, St. Mary's Seminary University

"I have long lamented the all-too-pervasive tendency for modern readers of the Bible to conflate the New Testament portraits of Jesus into a single mosaic. Finding material that can help our students uncover the unique visions of Jesus in the New Testament and in the wider culture can be a real challenge. Into that void comes Rediscovering Jesus, a book that not only takes seriously the diverse portraits of Jesus within and outside the New Testament, but also encourages readers to think seriously about the distinctive features of each. Professors Capes, Reeves and Richards are to be commended for their creative, interesting and intellectually honest look at the many faces of Jesus. Those interested in encountering Jesus in fresh and stimulating ways need to pay attention to this book!"

Christopher W. Skinner, associate professor of religion, University of Mount Olive

"Capes, Reeves and Richards have done it again! As with their former collaborative effort, Rediscovering Paul, Capes, Reeves and Richards have produced an excellent resource for an evangelical undergraduate course on Jesus of Nazareth. Rediscovering Jesus not only provides an overview of the Jesus of the four-fold Gospel, but also sketches the Jesus of the rest of the New Testament, providing a full-orbed biblical perspective on the meaning of Jesus. In addition to a survey of the Enlightenment's historical Jesus, Capes, Reeves and Richards also present perspectives on Jesus often neglected in Jesus textbooks, such as the Jesus of Islam, Mormonism, America and film. Who is Jesus? What do his life, death and resurrection mean? These will continue to be questions that produce many different answers. The goal of Rediscovering Jesus, as I understand it, is both to challenge culturally conditioned, traditional responses to these questions and to invite an engagement with the complexity of the biblical Jesus within the religiously and culturally diverse North American context. The breadth and the accessibility of the discussion of Jesus in Rediscovering Jesus is unique and will prove to be an invaluable tool in evangelical university classrooms where the study of Jesus is part of a wider liberal arts curriculum."

Joel Willitts, professor of biblical and theological studies, North Park University

"Rediscovering Jesus isn't like other books on Jesus. As first-rate scholars and seasoned guides to interpreting the New Testament, Capes, Reeves and Richards provide wise and responsible answers. But perhaps more importantly, and what sets this book apart from others, they ask questions almost no one else is asking, questions that we all wonder about. They are keen listeners not only to what the Scriptures say about Jesus but also to what our world wants to know about him. Here we have a classic example of what John Stott called 'double listening': paying attention to both the authoritative text and the needs of an intrigued and seeking world. Rediscovering Jesus is evangelical in theology, canonical in scope, historically informed, scholarly responsible and pedagogically savvy. I enthusiastically recommend it as an engaging resource for enriching our lives and leading us to follow the good but untamable Jesus of the Bible more faithfully."

J. Scott Duvall, Fuller Professor of New Testament, Ouachita Baptist University

"Making Jesus in our own image—a dangerous temptation. Capes, Reeves and Richards provide the antidote in this well-written and witty book that tackles two key questions: Who is the Jesus of the Bible, and how does he differ from claims made about him in other religions? Using down-to-earth examples and stories from around the globe, the authors help readers better understand Jesus' life and teachings, and why this matters for our faith today. This book will be required reading in my NT survey course!"

Lynn Cohick, professor of New Testament, Wheaton College

"Rediscovering Jesus is like an expert journalist or photographer examining the subject—in this case, Jesus—from all sides and angles. Not only do you get perspectives from the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament, but also impressions from Muslims, Mormons, movies and more besides. Few textbooks do as good of a job as this one in helping students engage with Jesus' question 'Who do you say that I am?'"

Nijay Gupta, assistant professor of New Testament, George Fox Evangelical Seminary

"Rediscovering Jesus is an accurate, readable and eye-opening account of the diverse perspectives on Jesus found in the New Testament and in other religious and cultural contexts. The authors remind us again and again that we all see Jesus through our own lenses and that no single viewpoint can adequately capture who he is and what he came to do. My favorite part of each chapter is the section entitled, 'What if this were our only Jesus?'—not because these sections point to deficiencies in that viewpoint, but because they reveal my own biases and the underappreciated aspects of Jesus and his mission. Capes, Reeves and Richards have produced a remarkably fresh, enlightening and convicting volume."

Mark L. Strauss, Bethel Seminary, San Diego

"This trio of authors has written an innovative and engaging study of Jesus that stands out among the pack of introductory books about Christology. The authors provide a great overview of the biblical witness to Jesus, but also trace what Islam and Mormonism say about Jesus, and they even look at depictions of Jesus in modern film. The end result is a useful and illuminating survey of all things about Jesus. A truly recommended read for all people who want to grasp what the excitement over Jesus is all about."

Michael F. Bird, lecturer in theology at Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia.

"The more Jesus we present the more gospel we present. Rediscovering Jesus is on that list of what I can enthusiastically recommend that is pure gospel! In this book you will encounter one description after another that is shaped by and focused on Jesus himself. What a gift this book is to the church and school!"

Scot McKnight, Julius R. Mantey Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary

"(I) found myself deeply engaged in a beautifully written, biblically sound, and theologically informed book on the person of Jesus. . . . I highly recommend this book for audiences of all sorts. I can see myself using it as a supplementary textbook to a course on Jesus or the Gospels. I can also see this material being implemented in a local ministry setting at a book study or Bible study. Do yourself a favor and go order a copy."

Mike Skinner, Cruciform Theology, September 12, 2015

"Although written as a textbook, this work will benefit pastors, church leaders, and all students—formal and informal—who wish to understand Jesus more deeply."

Kelley Mathews, Bible Study Magazine, Jan/Feb 2016

"I recommend Rediscovering Jesus wholeheartedly. It was a phenomenally interesting read, and one which will challenge you to rethink how you have conceived of Jesus, while calling readers back to biblical portrayals. I can't really recommend it highly enough."

J.W. Wartick, "Always Have a Reason", November 2, 2015


Table of Contents
List of Abbreviations
Introduction: "My Jesus"

Part I
Introduction: Jesus in the Bible
1. Mark's Jesus
2. Matthew's Jesus
3. Luke's Jesus
4. John's Jesus
5. Paul's Jesus
6. The Priestly Jesus
7. The Jesus of Exiles
8. The Apocalyptic Jesus

Part II
Introduction: Jesus Outside the Bible
9. The Gnostic Jesus
10. The Muslim Jesus
11. The Historical Jesus
12. The Mormon Jesus
13. The American Jesus
14. The Cinematic Jesus
Conclusion: "Our Jesus"
Subject Index
Scripture Index


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