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  • Small Group Idea Book, Edited by Cindy Bunch

    Small Group Idea Book

    Edited by Cindy Bunch

    This revised and expanded resource, edited by Cindy Bunch, offers hundreds of field-tested activities to help leaders develop healthy and vibrant small group life that includes community, worship and prayer, study and nurture, outreach, and fun.

  • Shaped by the Cross: Meditations on the Sufferings of Jesus, By Ken Gire

    Shaped by the Cross

    Meditations on the Sufferings of Jesus

    by Ken Gire

    What must it have been like to draw near to Christ as he drew near to the cross? Reflecting on Michelangelo's majestic Pieta, in which Mary gathers the suffering Jesus into her arms, Ken Gire offers seven meditations on a costly discipleship that invites us to take up our cross and follow our Savior—through death to life everlasting.

  • Seasoned Speech: Rhetoric in the Life of the Church, By James E. Beitler III

    Seasoned Speech

    Rhetoric in the Life of the Church

    by James E. Beitler III

    Being a faithful disciple of Christ means having seasoned speech: practicing a rhetoric that beneficially and persuasively imparts the surprising truth of the gospel. James Beitler seeks to renew interest in and hunger for an effective Christian rhetoric by closely considering the work of five beloved Christian communicators: C. S. Lewis, Dorothy L. Sayers, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Desmond Tutu, and Marilynne Robinson.

  • The Art of Living in Season: A Year of Reflections for Everyday Saints, By Sylvie Vanhoozer

    The Art of Living in Season

    A Year of Reflections for Everyday Saints

    by Sylvie Vanhoozer
    Foreword by Kevin J. Vanhoozer

    Continuing the tradition of nativities peopled by santons, Sylvie Vanhoozer brought these "little saints" from her native Provence to England, Scotland, and the United States. Now she invites readers to join the tradition in the rhythms of nature and the church calendar through weekly reflections and her own botanical illustrations.

  • Remember Me: A Novella about Finding Our Way to the Cross, By Sharon Garlough Brown

    Remember Me

    A Novella about Finding Our Way to the Cross

    by Sharon Garlough Brown

    In this sequel to Shades of Light, Katherine Rhodes finds her own grief tapped by Wren Crawford's struggles with depression and loss. Katherine reflects on the meaning of Christ's suffering and shares her own story of finding hope, while Wren moves forward in her commitment to paint the stations of the cross. Readers are invited into a similar journey of reflection through Katherine's words and Wren's paintings.

  • The Mystery of the Cross: Bringing Ancient Christian Images to Life, By Judith Couchman

    The Mystery of the Cross

    Bringing Ancient Christian Images to Life

    by Judith Couchman

    In this book Judith Couchman takes up forty different images of the cross taken from life and art from early Christianity up to the year 1000. As we discover the meaning and significance of each of these uses, we learn a little more about the early church. More than that, we are reminded to focus on the meaning of the cross and the sacrifice of the Savior.

  • The Wood Between the Worlds: A Poetic Theology of the Cross, By Brian Zahnd

    The Wood Between the Worlds

    A Poetic Theology of the Cross

    by Brian Zahnd

    The cross is the heart of Scripture, the axis upon which the biblical story turns. In our ongoing quest to make meaning of the cross, Brian Zahnd helps us see that there are infinite ways to behold the cross of Christ as the beautiful form that saves the world. Accept the invitation to encounter the cross of Christ anew.