Shaped by the Cross: Meditations on the Sufferings of Jesus, By Ken Gire

Shaped by the Cross

Meditations on the Sufferings of Jesus

by Ken Gire

Shaped by the Cross
  • Length: 119 pages
  • Published: November 18, 2011
  • Item Code: 3808
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-3808-0

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"Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps." 1 Peter 2:21

What must it have been like to draw near to Christ as he drew near to the cross? Reflecting on Michelangelo's majestic Pieta, in which Mary gathers the suffering Jesus into her arms, Ken Gire offers seven meditations on a costly discipleship that invites us to take up our cross and follow our Savior—through death to life everlasting.

"I eagerly await any book from the pen of Ken Gire. To me he has written some of the finest devotional thoughts and books in the past decade. His writing speaks to the heart, soul and mind."

H. Norman Wright

"Ken Gire carves out words the way an artist carves a masterpiece."

John Trent

"Ken Gire is a man who walks with God. He listens to his life and to the voice of God through all his experiences. As a result, Ken's gift of writing has had a profound impact on me and many others at our church. We reserve a special place on our bookshelves for the writings of Ken Gire, returning there often to be inspired by his powerful and honest use of story and image. When Ken has come to speak, his words have refreshed our souls, always providing us with a new way to look at the human condition and our quest to connect more deeply to God."

Nancy Beach

"I'm just a writer; Ken Gire is a real writer."

Max Lucado

"If there is such a thing as the gift of writing, it is my opinion that Ken Gire has it. Creative, colorful, lucid and easy to read, he has developed a firm grip on this elusive craft, much of which cannot be taught. In athletic terms, the man's a natural."

Charles R. Swindoll

"Gire is a wordsmith, a superb story teller, yet always with Christ at the centre. This is a book I will use next Holy Week. A prayer concludes each meditation, as well as a list of questions for reflection/conversation, so it could easily be used as a Lenten study. Finally, Gire's book makes me think about faith, of 'the unseen': if Gire could write a gem of a book without having seeing the moving Pieta, what does that say about our faith in whom we cannot see?"

Rev. Barbara Allen, Insights, July 2012

". . . this book can be commended as a creative and largely successful foray into one of the greatest divine mysteries in its implications for us all."

Robert W. Yarbrough, Themelios, November 2012



1. The Mystery of the Pietà
2. The Image of God
3. The Image of Christ
4. The Wounds of Christ
5. The Mother of Christ
6. The Body of Christ
7. The Miracle of the Resurrection



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Ken Gire (Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary) is the author of more than 20 books, including The Divine Embrace (Tyndale), Windows of the Soul (Zondervan) , The Work of His Hands (Servant), the Moments with the Savior series (Zondervan), and the Reflective Life series (Chariot-Victor). Two of his books have been awarded an ECPA Gold Medallion.