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  • The Messiah

    The Messiah

    The Texts Behind Handel's Masterpiece

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    by Douglas Connelly

    The entire text of Handel's Messiah is drawn from Scripture—and many of the Old Testament passages that shaped Israel's hope for their Redeemer are included in that text. This eight-session LifeGuide® Bible Study leads you through Scripture passages used in Handel's work that highlight who Jesus is and what he came to do.

    Number of Studies: 8

  • The Passion of the King of Glory

    The Passion of the King of Glory

    Retelling the Story Series

    by Russ Ramsey

    In this carefully researched retelling of the story of Jesus, pastor Russ Ramsey invites us to rediscover our wonder at Jesus' sinless life, brutal death, and glorious resurrection. Featuring forty short chapters, this book expands on the biblical narrative of Jesus' life in a fresh and creative way—giving us a taste of what it would have been like to walk next to Jesus and experience his earthly ministry firsthand.

    Number of Studies: 40

  • The Art of Holy Week and Easter

    The Art of Holy Week and Easter

    Meditations on the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus

    by Sister Wendy Beckett

    Brimming with Sister Wendy Beckett's's irrepressible wisdom and enthusiasm, this little book explores the spiritual riches to be found in some of the world's greatest paintings of the Passion and resurrection of Jesus. Including thirty full-color masterpieces of Western art, this devotional will help you appreciate all that these paintings convey to the discerning eye.

    Number of Studies: 30

  • The Risen Christ

    The Risen Christ

    Jesus' Final Words on Earth

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    by Bill Weimer

    Jesus' words from the cross are not Jesus' last words on earth. After his resurrection from the dead, Jesus appeared to his fearful and questioning disciples, encouraged them, and gave them his final instructions. In this eight-session session LifeGuide® Bible Study, you will meet the risen Jesus Christ and hear his words. May he encourage your faith and excite you about engaging others in discussions about him.

    Number of Studies: 8

  • An Extra Mile Study Guide

    An Extra Mile Study Guide

    Sensible Shoes Series

    by Sharon Garlough Brown

    In this eight-week study guide you'll join the characters of An Extra Mile, the final book in the Sensible Shoes series, as they journey through the seasons of Lent and Easter. Dive deeper into key spiritual practices from the book, using daily Scripture readings and reflection questions as well as discussion questions and suggested practices for groups to do together.

    Number of Studies: 8

  • To the Cross

    To the Cross

    Proclaiming the Gospel from the Upper Room to Calvary

    by Christopher J. H. Wright

    With the expertise of a veteran biblical scholar and the wisdom of a seasoned pastor, Christopher Wright skillfully guides us on Jesus' journey from the Last Supper to the cross. Through the lens of the Old Testament, Wright navigates the Gospel accounts of the events of Jesus' last, pivotal days, inviting us to meditate on their significance for us.