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  • Neighboring Faiths

    Neighboring Faiths

    A Christian Introduction to World Religions

    by Winfried Corduan

    In this updated and revised edition of a classic text, readers will find informed, empathetic insights into world religions like Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Native American religion, and many more. Emphasizing both formal teaching and daily practice, this text shows Christians how to engage adherents of these faiths in constructive dialogue.

  • Cradling Abundance

    Cradling Abundance

    One African Christian's Story of Empowering Women and Fighting Systemic Poverty

    by Monique Misenga Ngoie Mukuna
    With Elsie Tshimunyi McKee

    Growing up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Monique Misenga Ngoie Mukuna persevered through many challenges to become a businesswoman, church leader, social activist, and teacher. In this unique and gripping resource, "Maman" Monique tells her own story as she sheds light on the lives of Christian women throughout the Majority World at work in every level of the church and community.

  • Christian Counseling Ethics

    Christian Counseling Ethics

    A Handbook for Psychologists, Therapists and Pastors

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    Edited by Randolph K. Sanders

    Editor Randolph K. Sanders assembles a team of scholar-practitioners to forge a comprehensive ethical approach to Christian counseling. Christian psychotherapists, pastors and others in the counseling profession will find here a ready resource for a wide array of contemporary clinical scenarios.

  • Intergenerational Christian Formation

    Intergenerational Christian Formation

    Bringing the Whole Church Together in Ministry, Community, and Worship

    by Holly Catterton Allen, Christine Lawton, and Cory L. Seibel
    Foreword by Jason Brian Santos

    In a revised an updated edition, this comprehensive, up-to-date text offers a framework for intentional intergenerational Christian formation. It provides the theoretical foundation of intergenerationality, then gives concrete, practical guidance on how worship, learning, community, and service can all be achieved intergenerationally.

  • Deep Church

    Deep Church

    A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional

    by Jim Belcher
    Foreword by Richard J. Mouw

    If you feel caught between the traditional church and the emerging church, Jim Belcher's Deep Church forges a third way. He explores and evaluates the proposals of emerging church leaders and paints a picture of what an alternate, deep church looks like--a missional church committed to both tradition and culture, valuing innovation in worship, arts and community, but also creeds and confessions.

  • Campus Life

    Campus Life

    In Search of Community

    Edited by Drew Moser and Todd C. Ream
    Foreword by David Brooks
    Contributions by Ernest L Boyer

    In 1990 the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching published a classic report on the loss of a meaningful basis for true community on college campuses—and in the nation. Now this expanded edition of Campus Life reintroduces educational leaders to the report's proposals while offering up-to-date analysis and recommendations for Christian campuses today.

  • Fool's Talk

    Fool's Talk

    Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion

    by Os Guinness

    Our world is changing dramatically, yet many Christians still rely on cookie-cutter approaches to evangelism and apologetics. In his magnum opus, Os Guinness presents the art and power of creative persuasion—the ability to talk to people who are closed to what we are saying. Discover afresh the persuasive power of Christian witness.

  • Losing Face & Finding Grace

    Losing Face & Finding Grace

    12 Bible Studies for Asian-Americans

    by Tom Lin

    What does it mean to be Asian and Christian? Tom Lin provides twelve inductive Bible studies for Asian Americans, exploring themes of personal identity, parental expectations, perfectionism, shame, grace and more.

  • New Testament Christological Hymns

    New Testament Christological Hymns

    Exploring Texts, Contexts, and Significance

    by Matthew E. Gordley

    We know that the earliest Christians sang hymns. But are some of these early Christian hymns preserved for us in the New Testament? Matthew Gordley takes a new look at didactic hymns in the Greco-Roman and Jewish world of the early church, considering how they might function in the New Testament and what they could tell us about early Christian worship.