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  • A Reader's Guide to the Bible

    A Reader's Guide to the Bible

    by John Goldingay

    Approaching the Bible for the first time can be intimidating. Where should you begin? John Goldingay’s reliable and clear guide to exploring the Bible places the biblical books in their times and settings, and then lays out a memorable pattern for understanding the Bible as the story of God and his people, the word of God to his people, and the people’s response to God.

  • A User's Guide to Bible Translations

    A User's Guide to Bible Translations

    Making the Most of Different Versions

    by David Dewey

    David Dewey offers an easy-to-use handbook for digging through the mountain of Bible translation options until you find the right Bible for the right purpose.

  • LifeGuide® Bible Studies
    product set

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    For over three decades LifeGuide® Bible Studies have been the leaders in Bible study. These inductive guides provide solid biblical content and raise thought-provoking question for individuals and groups. Whether you're searching for a Bible study for women or men, a Scripture study on Old or New Testament books or Bible verses, or studies on biblical topics or characters, there are more than 130 LifeGuides to choose from.

  • The Bare Bible Published By SPCK

    The Bare Bible

    Uncovering The Bible For The First Time (Or The Hundredth)

    by Peter Graystone

    Written with humor and a friendly, accessible tone, this perfect introductory guide to the Bible assumes no prior knowledge from his readers, discussing the various genres found within its pages, the history of how these various books came to be known as the Bible, and why, even after all these years, its words are still relevant to us today.

  • A Student's Guide to Textual Criticism of the Bible

    A Student's Guide to Textual Criticism of the Bible

    Its History, Methods and Results

    by Paul D. Wegner

    In plain language and with ample illustration, Paul D. Wegner presents an overview of the history and methods, aims and results of textual criticism of the whole Bible--the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament. You will gain an appreciation for the vast work that has been accomplished in preserving the text of Scripture and find a renewed confidence in its reliability.

  • Quiet Time Bible Guide

    Quiet Time Bible Guide

    365 Days Through the New Testament and Psalms

    Edited by Cindy Bunch

    Discover the riches of Scripture! Based on the groundbreaking LifeGuide Bible Studies® series and edited by Cindy Bunch, the Quiet Time Bible Guide takes you through a year in the New Testament and Psalms, engaging the Scriptures inductively and establishing a connection with God to carry you through the day.

  • The Sisters' Guide to In-Depth Bible Study

    The Sisters' Guide to In-Depth Bible Study

    by Victoria L. Johnson

    Victoria L. Johnson reveals the seven practical principles for study that can help you discover the power of Bible study and transform your life. (Revised edition of Bible Study for Busy Women.)

  • The Bible Speaks Today Series
    product set

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    Series Editor J. A. Motyer and John Stott

    This complete series of Old and New Testament commentaries edited by J.A. Motyer and the late John R. W. Stott is characterized by a threefold ideal: to expound the biblical text with accuracy, to relate biblical teaching to contemporary life and to be readable. The BST is perfect for Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, students and individual Bible readers.

  • The Bible Study Handbook

    The Bible Study Handbook

    A Comprehensive Guide to an Essential Practice

    by Lindsay Olesberg
    Foreword by Ajith Fernando

    This comprehensive guide to Bible study lays a foundation for why we read the Bible, what attitudes and expectations are most helpful as we enter into serious study, and what practices yield the most fruit. You will find everything you need to cultivate your curiosity, hone your attention and mine the applicabilities of whatever passage you find yourself in.

  • IVP Signature Bible Studies
    product set

    IVP Signature Bible Studies

    As companions to our IVP Signature Collection, the IVP Signature Bible Studies feature new and classic study guides that help individuals and groups explore and apply biblical truths.