Quiet Time Bible Guide: 365 Days Through the New Testament and Psalms, Edited by Cindy Bunch

Quiet Time Bible Guide

365 Days Through the New Testament and Psalms

Edited by Cindy Bunch

Quiet Time Bible Guide
  • Length: 416 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.25 in
  • Published: June 01, 2005
  • Imprint: IVP Bible Studies
  • Item Code: 1121
  • ISBN: 9780830811212

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Do you want to discover the riches of Scripture?

Do you want to draw closer to God?

Based on IVP's bestselling LifeGuide Bible Study series, the Quiet Time Bible Guide helps you dig into Scripture for yourself, developing a deeper and stronger relationship with God in the process.

Instead of being told what the Bible says, you'll begin with questions to put you in a worshipful frame of mind. You'll move on to interpretive questions that help you explore what the Bible says, and then consider application questions to help you act on what you learn. Suggestions for personal prayer conclude your time of worship and study--and launch you into the rest of your day.

Millions have benefited from the thoughtful experience of Scripture found in IVP's LifeGuide Bible Studies. This material was adapted from those guides and originally published as The NIV Quiet Time Bible. Millions more have since used these devotionals online on IVP's Quiet Time Bible Study website. Now 365 of the studies, leading you through the New Testament and Psalms, have been gathered together in one volume again.

Whether you're new to the idea of quiet times or you've enjoyed them for years, the Quiet Time Bible Guide provides you with a fresh opportunity to read all of the New Testament and Psalms in one year--and draw close to God every day.

"A thought-and-prayer resource that drills its readers wisely and well in an enriching daily relationship to the Scriptures. Those who use it will soon be thanking God for it."

J. I. Packer

"A tool to take me deeper into primary scriptural interaction and application."

Karen Mains

"Leads to disciplined, thoughtful and active study and application. It will help readers to know, understand and do what God offers and requires of us. I warmly commend it."

Leighton Ford

"Provides a long-overdue resource for those of us who have found it difficult to maintain a consistent quiet time. What a wonderful gift IVP has given the Body."

Michael Card

"A wonderful gift to Christians who are seeking a quiet time that will make a difference in their lives."

Steve Brown

"This is a practical and helpful tool for guiding the Christian into daily study and growth. It provokes vital 'conversation' with Scripture."

R. C. Sproul

"The five study components provide an easy and practical approach to this most important discipline."

D. James Kennedy

"Enables readers to dig deeper on their own. Such personal discovery cannot help but lead to joy, depth, challenge and a new experience of God."

Jill Briscoe


Getting the Most Out of the Quiet Time Bible Guide
Bible Reading Checklist
Bible Reading Plan
Topical Bible Readings
1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy
2 Timothy
1 Peter
2 Peter
1 John
2 John
3 John
Acknowledgments and Permissions
Index of Quiet Time Subjects


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Cindy Bunch

Cindy Bunch is a divisional vice president and associate publisher for InterVarsity Press, where she has worked for more than thirty years. She acquires and develops for the Formatio line of spiritual formation books. She is the author of Be Kind to Yourself as well as several Bible study guides in IVP's LifeGuide® Bible Studies series. Cindy holds an MA in theological studies from Northern Seminary and completed her spiritual direction training at North Park Seminary. She and her husband live in the Chicago suburbs.