The Sisters' Guide to In-Depth Bible Study

The Sisters' Guide to In-Depth Bible Study

by Victoria L. Johnson

The Sisters' Guide to In-Depth Bible Study
  • Length: 143 pages
  • Published: April 24, 2003
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-2049-8
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Do you want to study the Bible on your own but find yourself overwhelmed by complicated, cumbersome study methods?

Are you a group leader looking for exciting resources to bring new life to your teaching?

Is your time in the Word dry and lifeless, or do you find Scripture hard to understand?

Victoria Johnson--a busy speaker, teacher, author and mother--has discovered an easy-to-follow method that has made Bible study come alive for her and for many others she has taught. In this book she reveals seven practical principles for study that can transform your life.

Related with passion, warmth, wisdom and humor, Johnson's step-by-step instructions can help both individuals and groups discover the power of Bible study for themselves.

Originally published as Bible Study for Busy Women, this revised edition also includes a twelve-week study guide for small groups and study helps for leaders.



Part One: Getting Motivated
1. Feastin' on Soul Food
2. Beatin' the Bible Study Blues
3. Study! Sisters, Study!
4. Stinkin' Bible Study Thinkin'
5. No Time! Help a Sister Out
6. Ready, Set, You Go Girl!

Part Two: The Seven Principles of Bible Study
7. Preparing the Pasage
8. People
9. Places
10. Plot
11. Problems
12. Purpose
13. Personal Application

Appendix A: Leader's Guide

Appendix B: Choosing a Bible Version

Appendix C: Resources

Appendix D: Poetry Example

Victoria L. Johnson

Writer and speaker Victoria L. Johnson has been involved in Christian education and women's ministry for more than two decades. She is currently working with several social service agencies in the African American community, including Sojournah Truth House, CareNet of Milwaukee, Bethany Christian Services, and New Horizon Center. Johnson's books include Sister's Guide to In-Depth Bible Study and Restoring Broken Vessels.