Passport to the Bible: An Explorer's Guide, Edited by Fred Wagner

Passport to the Bible

An Explorer's Guide

Edited by Fred Wagner

Passport to the Bible
  • Length: 118 pages
  • Published: August 03, 1999
  • Imprint: IVP Bible Studies
  • Item Code: 1171
  • ISBN: 9780830811717

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No book has sold more copies. No book has influenced so many people. The Bible has informed all of the world's religions. Yet for many, it remains a mystery.

Would you like to read and understand the Bible for yourself? The studies in this guide are designed to help you do that. You will look at four major themes in the Bible:

  • what God is like
  • what people are like
  • who Jesus is
  • how to meet Jesus

Passport to the Bible will take you on a journey like no other. It offers definitions for the new and difficult vocabulary you may encounter in the Bible. And it provides questions to help you uncover key ideas as you read through each book of the Bible. For discussion group leaders, notes at the back of this guide offer additional insight and direction. In short, everything is included to help you get to know the Bible--whether you study on your own, one-to-one with a friend, or in a small group.

Here is a valuable introduction to the best book you will ever read.


Introduction: Exploring the Bible - Katie Rawson

The Big Picture - Katie Rawson

Part One: Meeting God - Jane Pelz
1. The God of Mystery - Genesis 1:1--2:3
2. The God Who Is Near - Psalm 139
3. God Is Great - Isaiah 40:9-31
4. God's Promises - Deuteronomy 5:1-21, 28; 6:1-9
5. God's Standards - Luke 10:25-37
6. The God Who Wants Us to Seek Him - Acts 17:16-32

Part Two: Who Am I? - Thomas Sirinides
1. Made for Relationship - Genesis 2:4-25
2. What Went Wrong? - Genesis 3
3. What Is the Point of Life? - Ecclesiastes 1:12--2:26
4. Your Place in God's Family - Luke 15:11-32
5. Where Does Evil Come From? - Mark 7:1-23
6. Turning from Sorrow to Joy - Psalm 32

Part Three: Good News! - Terrell Smith
1. Good News for the World - Luke 2:1-20
2. Good News for Sinners - Mark 2:1-17
3. Good News About Evil - Mark 9: 14-29
4. Good News About Life - John 10: 1-21
5. Why Did Jesus Die? - Luke 23:13-25, 32-56
6. Jesus Is Alive! - Luke 24:1-53

Part Four: Experiencing God - Craig Colbert
1. Responding to God - Luke 8:4-9, 11-15
2. A Working Man Responds - Luke 5:1-11
3. A Rich Person Responds - Luke 18:18-30
4. An International Visitor Responds - Acts 8:26-39
5. A Military Officer Responds - Acts 10:1-48
6. An Outcast Woman Responds - John 4:1-30, 39-42

The Final Word: Passport to Life - Katie Rawson

Suggestions for Leaders - Katie Rawson

Leader's Notes

Based at Portland State University, Wagner is an international student specialist and director of China relations with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.