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  • Necessary Christianity: What Jesus Shows We Must Be and Do, By Claude R. Alexander Jr.

    Necessary Christianity

    What Jesus Shows We Must Be and Do

    by Claude R. Alexander Jr.

    For followers of Jesus, certain things are not optional, but necessary. Bishop Claude Alexander unpacks the Gospels' statements of what Jesus said he must do. Contrary to the life of the optional, accidental, and haphazard, the believer is called to live with a sense of divine necessity—no maybes about it.

  • On Getting Out of Bed: The Burden and Gift of Living, By Alan Noble

    On Getting Out of Bed

    The Burden and Gift of Living

    by Alan Noble

    For most people, sorrow, anxiety, and mental illness are everyday experiences. The burden of living comes down to mundane choices that we each must make—like the daily choice to get out of bed. In this deeply personal essay, Alan Noble considers how carrying on amid great suffering is a powerful witness to the goodness of life, and of God.

  • Facing

    Facing "The Talk"

    Conversations with My Four Daughters About Sex

    by Wendy Elizabeth Chapin

    What are we teaching our daughters about sex? Professor Elizabeth Chapin inspires you to have open conversations about sex that will prepare your girls to make healthy, wise and informed choices. Give them more than a set of rules about sex—instead offer them an alternative imagination that reframes what Western media culture defines sex to be.

  • Want more context as you begin to study Daniel? This introduction will give you the background you need as you read the Daily Quiet Time Bible Study. We hope you continue to discover the riches of Scripture and draw closer to God as you join the millions who have used this free devotional resource.