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  • Buddhism


    A Christian Exploration and Appraisal

    by Keith Yandell and Harold Netland

    In this clear introduction to Buddhism, Keith Yandell and Harold Netland lay out the central metaphysical claims of this significant world religion and then offer an honest comparison with Christianity, acknowledging some overlap of belief while also noting the clear and significant differences between the two religions.

  • Closing the Window

    Closing the Window

    Steps to Living Porn Free

    by Tim Chester

    Pornography is everywhere, and many Christians have fallen prey to its snare. Tim Chester believes we can be captured by a better vision--a liberating confidence that God offers more than pornography does. Moving beyond pat answers or mere willpower, Chester offers spiritual, practical and corporate resources for living porn free.

  • The IVP Introduction to the Bible

    The IVP Introduction to the Bible

    Edited by Philip S. Johnston

    Editor Philip S. Johnston presents the best evangelical thought on the proper interpretation and study of the Bible. Written by a team of international and interdenominational scholars, this resource is designed to set you on your way to responsible biblical interpretation.

  • Short-Term Mission

    Short-Term Mission

    An Ethnography of Christian Travel Narrative and Experience

    by Brian M. Howell

    Brian Howell provides an anthropology of short-term mission (STM) among American Christians. Delivering a history of STM along with an ethnographic case study of a trip to the Dominican Republic, Howell argues that the movement is sustained by a uniquely Christian travel narrative that borrows from the anthropology of tourism and pilgrimage.

  • Counseling and Christianity

    Counseling and Christianity

    Five Approaches

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    Edited by Stephen P. Greggo and Timothy A. Sisemore
    Foreword by Eric L. Johnson

    This book provides a forum for five major perspectives on the interface of Christianity and psychology to display their distinctions in a counseling context. Experts in each approach show how to assess, conceptualize, counsel and offer aftercare to a hypothetical client with a variety of complex issues.

  • Naming the Elephant

    Naming the Elephant

    Worldview as a Concept

    by James W. Sire

    In this companion volume to The Universe Next Door, James W. Sire offers his refined definition of a worldview and addresses key questions about the history of worldview thinking, the existential and intellectual formation of worldviews, the public and private dimensions of worldviews and how worldview thinking can help us navigate an increasingly pluralistic universe.

  • Eldership and the Mission of God

    Eldership and the Mission of God

    Equipping Teams for Faithful Church Leadership

    by J.R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt
    Foreword by Alan Hirsch

    The biblical model for church leadership is found not only in pastors but also in teams of elders who oversee, shepherd, teach, equip and guide the community into God's mission. In this practical guide, J.R. Briggs and Bob Hyatt unpack the role, character and posture of a mission-oriented elder.

  • The Mission of the Body of Christ

    The Mission of the Body of Christ

    Retelling the Story Series

    by Russ Ramsey

    Russ Ramsey's dynamic narrative traces the journey of the early church with thirty-one daily readings through the book of Acts, as the people of God carried out Jesus' mission as his ambassadors. Through this new community, a movement spread around the world that continues to this day. Come discover the transformation that energized the early church.

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  • The Advent of the Lamb of God

    The Advent of the Lamb of God

    Retelling the Story Series

    by Russ Ramsey

    Pastor Russ Ramsey narrates anew the greatest story ever told—the true tall tale of the coming of the Christ. The story encompasses the whole of the Old Testament and all of human history, unveiling God's longsuffering, loving pursuit of his people. Rediscover how the purposes of God culminated in the coming of Jesus, in twenty-five readings ideal for Christmas or any season of meeting the Savior.

    Number of Studies: 25

  • Made to Flourish

    Made to Flourish

    Beyond Quick Fixes to a Thriving Organization

    by Shelley G. Trebesch

    Every organization is made to flourish. But when problems arise, quick fixes and poor leadership training can drag it down. Here is the book that churches, NGOs, mission agencies, other nonprofits, businesses and the teams within these groups can use to enjoy the holistic, fruitful abundance that God intended for organizations and everyone in them.