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  • Your Mind's Mission, By Greg Jao

    Your Mind's Mission

    Urbana Onward

    by Greg Jao

    In this new Urbana Onward minibook, Greg Jao addresses common myths that result in a passive engagement of our intellect with our faith. He provides key disciplines for Christian discipleship of the mind, how we can love God with our minds in community, obedience and humility.

  • Spiritual Disciplines Devotional: A Year of Readings, By Valerie E. Hess

    Spiritual Disciplines Devotional

    A Year of Readings

    by Valerie E. Hess

    Have you been longing to learn more about spiritual disciplines but haven't known where to start? Focusing on a different core spiritual discipline each month, this year-long devotional includes brief daily readings to help you develop holy habits. Once-a-week family activities are also included to interactively teach children about spiritual disciplines.

  • Family-Based Youth Ministry, By Mark DeVries

    Family-Based Youth Ministry

    by Mark DeVries

    Mark DeVries offers an approach that brings teens into one-to-one relationship with older Christians; involves the whole church family from singles to seniors; and frees pastors and leaders from worrying about attendance, budget and competition with other programs.

  • Enduring Friendship: Sticking Together in an Age of Unfriending, By Bryan C. Loritts

    Enduring Friendship

    Sticking Together in an Age of Unfriending

    by Bryan C. Loritts
    Foreword by John Mark Comer

    Friendships are difficult. When conflicts and differences over serious issues divide us, it's easy to give up on people and just walk away. Bryan Loritts mines the book of Philemon for insights into how, with God's work and steadfast love, even the most painful relationships that have ruptured can be transformed into friendships that endure.

  • Released from Shame: Moving Beyond the Pain of the Past, By Sandra D. Wilson

    Released from Shame

    Moving Beyond the Pain of the Past

    by Sandra D. Wilson

    In this revised edition Sandra D. Wilson explains the patterns of thinking and feeling common to adult children of dysfunctional families and helps them start on their own journey toward freedom and wholeness.

  • Embracing Rhythms of Work and Rest: From Sabbath to Sabbatical and Back Again, By Ruth Haley Barton

    Embracing Rhythms of Work and Rest

    From Sabbath to Sabbatical and Back Again

    Transforming Resources

    by Ruth Haley Barton
    Foreword by Ronald Rolheiser

    For pastors and leaders, the possibility of living in balanced rhythms of work and rest feels elusive. Ruth Haley Barton offers hard-won wisdom regarding rhythms of Sabbath, grounds us in God's intentions in giving us the gift of sabbath, and provides practical steps for embedding Sabbath rhythms into our churches and organizations.

  • Luke: The Gospel of Amazement, By Michael Card

    Luke: The Gospel of Amazement

    The Biblical Imagination Series

    by Michael Card

    Michael Card embarks on an imaginative journey through the Gospel of Luke. Picturing Luke as historian, Gentile, doctor and slave, Card approaches Luke?s written account with questions that engage the imagination. Join him in the work of opening heart and mind to the "Gospel of Amazement."

  • John: The Gospel of Wisdom, By Michael Card

    John: The Gospel of Wisdom

    The Biblical Imagination Series

    by Michael Card

    John, the longest-surviving of the apostles, recorded in his Gospel a portrait of Jesus built on years of reflection. In this last volume of the Biblical Imagination Series, Michael Card shows how John fills out our picture of Jesus' divine identity, with stories and sayings of Jesus not recorded by the other Gospel writers.

  • A Violent Grace: Meeting Christ at the Cross, By Michael Card

    A Violent Grace

    Meeting Christ at the Cross

    by Michael Card

    In this richly designed book, Michael Card reflects on what it means for Christians that we meet our savior at a cross. Card combs the Old Testament prophecies and Gospel accounts of Jesus' self-sacrifice, seeking a renewed vision of the cross—the inconceivable meeting place of violence and grace.

  • Ancient Christian Devotional: Lectionary Cycle B, Edited by Cindy Crosby

    Ancient Christian Devotional

    Lectionary Cycle B

    Ancient Christian Devotional Set

    Edited by Cindy Crosby
    General Editor Thomas C. Oden

    This devotional guide combines excerpts from the writings of the church fathers as found in the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture arranged in fifty-two weeks of readings following the weekly lectionary cycle B. Spend each day with God as you draw from the prayers and hymns of the ancient church.