Season 2, Episode 2 (33 minutes)

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When Irwyn Ince Jr. was a teenager, he began to distance himself from his Christian faith. But as he came to understand and appreciate his Blackness, God used that recognition of his ethnic and racial identity to bring him back to the fold and to shape Irwyn in ways that would uniquely position him as a key African-American leader in a Reformed space. Find out more about this delightful author whose award-winning book The Beautiful Community was Outreach Magazine's Racial Reconciliation Resource of the Year—and what advice he has for other potential authors of color.

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Helen Lee

Helen Lee, Producer and Creator

Helen Lee is the associate director of strategic partnerships and initiatives; she has a B.A. from Williams College in bioethics, and M.A. from Wheaton College Graduate School in interdisciplinary studies; and an MBA from Babson College in entrepreneurship. She enjoys reading novels by authors of color, finding spots of natural beauty wherever she can, and listening to podcasts such as Serial, The RewatchablesFilmspotting, and The Disrupters. You can find Helen on Twitter and Instagram @HelenLeeBooks.

Ed Gilbreath

Ed Gilbreath, Co-Host

Formerly an editor at IVP, Ed is currently an executive leader at Christianity Today; he earned his bachelor’s in communication arts from Judson University and a master’s in philosophy of history from Olivet Nazarene University. He is also the author of two IVP books: Reconciliation Blues and Birmingham Revolution. Ed loves listening to an eclectic mix of music, reading narrative nonfiction books on American history and pop culture, and taking long walks while listening to podcasts such as NPR’s How I Built This, The Daily, Pass the Mic, and CT’s Quick to Listen. Follow Ed on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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