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  • Throughout its seventy-five years of publishing, InterVarsity Press (IVP) has been intentional about providing books that address issues of justice, race, ethnic identity, and other topics that speak to the culture and the church as a whole. During Black History Month in February, IVP will celebrate its legacy by remembering the many IVP authors who have written and are writing boldly and prophetically about the history, and the future, of the Black experience.

  • IVP is grateful for the prophetic voices of our authors who help us faithfully engage with issues of racial justice. It's important for us to read their stories and allow their perspectives to educate and challenge us. Learn from the wisdom in these books as we pursue justice, wholeness, and racial righteousness in our homes, churches, and communities.

  • For those who are called to lead, you need resources to strengthen your spirit, your mind, and your vision. For both veteran and aspiring leaders (and everything in between), these books will equip you with practical advice and spiritual guidance to help you lead from a place of health and integrity. We believe everyone has a call to leadership, so our books highlight ways for women and men and people of all ethnicities to partner together to lead organizations that embody the beauty and diversity of God's kingdom.

  • BridgeLeader Books
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    BridgeLeader Books

    BridgeLeader Books are produced through a partnership between InterVarsity Press and BridgeLeader Network, a nonprofit organization that helps churches, colleges, companies and other groups move toward multicultural effectiveness. BridgeLeader Books contribute to a better understanding and practice of multicultural ministry.