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  • Mixed Blessing

    Mixed Blessing

    Embracing the Fullness of Your Multiethnic Identity

    by Chandra Crane
    Foreword by Jemar Tisby

    Chandra Crane has keenly felt the otherness of having a mixed multiethnic and multicultural background. But those of us with a mixed heritage have the privilege and potential to serve the Lord through our unique experiences. Crane explores what Scripture and history teach us about ethnicity and how we can bring all of ourselves to our sense of identity and calling.

  • The Next Worship

    The Next Worship

    Glorifying God in a Diverse World

    by Sandra Maria Van Opstal
    Foreword by Mark Labberton

    What happens when a diverse church glorifies the global God? Innovative worship leader Sandra Van Opstal provides biblical foundations for multiethnic worship, with practical tools and resources for planning services that reflect God's invitation for all peoples to praise him. When multiethnic worship is done well, the church models reconciliation and prophetic justice for every tribe and tongue.

  • Homeland Insecurity

    Homeland Insecurity

    A Hip Hop Missiology for the Post–Civil Rights Context

    by Daniel White Hodge

    Even though the North American context is changing, most missiological approaches continue under colonialist assumptions. Focusing on the framework of Hip Hop theology, Daniel White Hodge shows us how to radically engage with emerging adult populations, critiquing the impaired missiology of imperialist and white supremacist approaches to modern, urban short-term missions.

  • Diverse Worship

    Diverse Worship

    African-American, Caribbean and Hispanic Perspectives

    by Pedrito U. Maynard-Reid

    Pedrito Maynard-Reid explores the multiethnic dimensions of worship by looking at African American, Caribbean and Hispanic contexts of worship.

  • Living in Color

    Living in Color

    Embracing God's Passion for Ethnic Diversity

    by Randy Woodley

    Randy Woodley, a Keetowah Cherokee, casts a biblical, multiethnic vision for people of every nation, tribe and tongue to live in community together. Includes a study guide.

  • The Next Evangelicalism

    The Next Evangelicalism

    Freeing the Church from Western Cultural Captivity

    by Soong-Chan Rah

    Soong-Chan Rah calls the North American church to escape its Western cultural captivity and to embody a next evangelicalism that is diverse and multiethnic. This prophetic report casts a vision for a dynamic evangelicalism that fully embodies the cultural realities of the twenty-first century.

  • A Future for the Latino Church

    A Future for the Latino Church

    Models for Multilingual, Multigenerational Hispanic Congregations

    by Daniel A. Rodriguez
    Foreword by Manuel Ortiz

    Daniel Rodriguez argues that effective Latino ministry and church planting are now centered in second-generation, English-dominant leadership and congregations. Based on his observation of cutting-edge Latino churches across the country, Rodriguez reports on how innovative congregations are ministering creatively to the next generations of Latinos.

  • Churches, Cultures and Leadership

    Churches, Cultures and Leadership

    A Practical Theology of Congregations and Ethnicities

    by Mark Branson and Juan F. Martinez

    As the church continues to heed Christ's call to reflect the multiethnic character of his people, pastors and lay leaders need to gain skills and competencies to serve in those contexts. The multicultural team of Juan Martinez and Mark Branson has written this book to equip such leaders to carry out God?s reconciling initiatives effectively.

  • White Awake

    White Awake

    An Honest Look at What It Means to Be White

    by Daniel Hill
    Foreword by Brenda Salter McNeil

    You may be white, but that doesn't mean you have no culture. Charting his own journey toward understanding his white identity, Daniel Hill shows us the seven stages we encounter on the path to cultural awakening. This timely book will give you a new perspective on being white and also empower you to be an agent of reconciliation in our increasingly diverse and divided world.

  • ReBuild


    Reset Your Life. Renew Your Church. Reshape Your World.

    by Tommy "Urban D." Kyllonen

    Rebuilding is way harder than just starting something new. How do we rebuild in a healthy way despite living in a world of brokenness? Drawing on Nehemiah and his own church's experience, pastor and hip-hop artist Tommy Kyllonen shares stories that will encourage and inspire you to pursue God's rebuilding work in your own life, church and world.