The Sword Bearer

The Sword Bearer

The Archives of Anthropos

Book 1

by John White

The Sword Bearer
  • Length: 294 pages
  • Published: May 19, 1986
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  • ISBN: 978-0-87784-590-4
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It was John's birthday. He would be thirteen. And what's more, it was on this day that his grandmother would tell him the mystery of his locket . . . And of his parents.

But it was not to be. Before he could find out, he was magically transported to the land of Anthropos where he was startled to be hailed as the Sword Bearer, the slayer of the Goblin Prince.

Here, in the imaginative story of the early history of Anthropos, John White captures the excitement and wonder of another world.


1. The Birthday That Went Wrong
2. Troubled Sleep
3. John Makes a Dream Journey
4. Slapfoot Comes for John
5. The Lord Lunacy
6. Death Sentence
7. The Prophet and the King
8. John Behaves Badly
9. The Goblin Prince
10. The Secret Plan
11. Oso and Aguila Attack
12. The Two Towers
13. The Seer
14. The Coming of the Copper Moon
15. The Hideous Head
16. The Cup in the Tower
17. The Sword of Geburah
18. The Building of the Castle
19. The Fight in the Cave
20. Descent of the Four Winds
21. Goldcoffin
22. Folly?s Comfort
23. Journey into Pain
24. Tragedy in the Amphitheater
25. Efel Spawn
26. The Third Pross Stone
27. Battle of the Titans
28. The Seven-Headed Dragon
29. Old Nick?s Triumph
30. Ian McNab
31. Link Between Two Worlds


John White was born in Liverpool, England, on March 5, 1924, and grew up in Manchester. After serving as a reconnaissance photographer in the Fleet Air Arms during World War II, he completed medical training at Manchester University. He later participated in a variety of short-term missions efforts (including Bible smuggling!) and capitalized on many opportunities to encourage Christians behind the Iron Curtain during the beginning of the Cold War.

On June 25, 1955, White married Laureate May O'Hara. From 1955 to 1964 he served as a medical missionary with New Tribes Mission. Later he was appointed associate general secretary of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students of Latin America.

White emigrated to Canada with his family in 1965 and later completed his residency in psychiatry in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He next filled the post of associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Manitoba and also served locally as pastor of Church of the Way.

He wrote 25 books as well as numerous articles and study guides. A much sought-after speaker, he lectured around the world at churches, conferences, and leadership events. During his later life, White moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, helping to plant a Vineyard church there (Surrey Vineyard) and becoming involved in the larger Vineyard Christian Fellowship.

John White died in 2002, but his written ministry lives on, with over 1.5 million of his books in print.

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