The Iron Sceptre, By John White

The Iron Sceptre

The Archives of Anthropos


by John White

The Iron Sceptre
  • Length: 408 pages
  • Published: May 17, 1981
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 0589
  • ISBN: 9780877845898

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Anthropos is in danger. So Wesley, Kurt and Lisa are once again magically transported from their home in Winnipeg to help save this threatened land. The Iron Sceptre, the source of King Kardia's power to rule, is in peril. The children, joined by their cousin Mary, are called on to stop Mirmah and her chief sorcerer, Archimago. But to do so, they must travel beneath the Northern Mountains, around Goldcoffin's Palace and into the very heart of Mirmah's kingdom. What awaits is much more than a mere adventure.


1. Miserable Mary McNab
2. What Mary Tells the Others
3. Great Aunt Felicia
4. Pass through the Glass
5. Anthropos Betrayed
6. The Igloo and the Animals
7. A Giant Dish of Ice Cream
8. The King Sends a Letter
9. A Sleepless Night for Everyone
10. Fire on the Mountain
11. Grateful Even for a Witch?s Hug
12. The Darkening of Six Kingdoms
13. Mary?s Mission for Mirmah
14. Beneath the Northern Mountains
15. Goldcoffin?s Treasure
16. The Other Side of the Mirror
17. Ballet of the Heavens
18. The Broken Sceptres
19. Journey by Kayak
20. Orges and Dreams of Orges
21. Kardia Sets Sail
22. The Charioteer at the Bottom of the Sea
23. "Look Well to the Sceptre!"
24. the Crystal Ball and Chain
25. The Easiest Thing Mary Ever Did
26. The Peril of Poseidon
27. He Who Is Pardoned
28. In the Palace of Darkness
29. A Drop of Gaal?s Blood
30. Playing Tag with Gaal
31. Because Kardia Didn?t Kill Mirmah
32. The Sceptre of Iron and the Sceptre of Gold

Appendix A: On Dragon Fighting
Appendix B: A Guide to Anthropos

John White

John White (1924–2002) was the author of twenty-five books, including Daring to Draw Near, Excellence in Leadership, and The Cost of Commitment. He served as a medical missionary, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Manitoba, and a church planter and leader in the Vineyard Church movement. A much sought-after speaker, he lectured around the world at churches, conferences, and leadership events.