Quest for the King, By John White

Quest for the King

The Archives of Anthropos


by John White

Quest for the King
  • Length: 319 pages
  • Published: July 17, 1995
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 0592
  • ISBN: 9780877845928

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It was supposed to be a big celebration. John McFarland (uncle to Wesley, Kurt, Lisa and Mary) and his long lost Eleanor were getting married. But a typhoon kept nearly every one of their friends and family from attending the wedding ceremony in Hong Kong. And by the time everyone did arrive for the reception at a downtown hotel, John and Eleanor had disappeared without a trace!

While their parents and the Hong Kong authorities set about searching for the missing couple, Mary, Wesley, Kurt and Lisa begin their own investigation. Convinced that John and Eleanor have been transported to the mystical kingdom of Anthropos, the four amateur sleuths hit a dead end. How can they get to Anthropos? And once they get there, how will they know where to look?

As Book 5 in John White's Archives of Anthropos unfolds, the sleuths are confronted with an even bigger challenge than finding Uncle John and Eleanor. In Anthropos an evil sorcerer plots the destruction of his eternal enemy--a tiny infant who (if he survives) is destined to become King of Anthropos and conqueror of Lord Lunacy.


1. The Disappearing Newlyweds
2. Torn from Lion Rock
3. The Keys to Magic
4. The Three Philosophers
5. Kurt and the Column of Smoke
6. Mary Hangs On
7. A Growing Madness
8. The Spirit in the Night
9. A Sort of Sanctuary
10. Shadows in the Temple
11. Peril at the Waterfall
12. Yearning for Terror
13. Prisoners of the Crown
14. King Tobah Khukah
15. The Ancestral Curse
16. The World in the Woods
17. Disguised by Surprise
18. Danger in the Woods
19. The Cave in the Cleft
20. The King
21. The Return of the Queen
22. Under the Cloak of Secrecy
23. Against the Temple
24. Over the River and Through the Woods
25. A Helping of Humble Pie

Appendix: How I Came to Write the Archives of Anthropos

John White

John White (1924–2002) was the author of twenty-five books, including Daring to Draw Near, Excellence in Leadership, and The Cost of Commitment. He served as a medical missionary, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Manitoba, and a church planter and leader in the Vineyard Church movement. A much sought-after speaker, he lectured around the world at churches, conferences, and leadership events.