The Accountable Man

The Accountable Man

Pursuing Integrity Through Trust and Friendship

by Tom Eisenman

The Accountable Man
  • Length: 144 pages
  • Published: June 03, 2004
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-2382-6
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Good men--husbands, fathers, church leaders, pastors--sometimes make bad choices.

And for far too many men, bad choices have led to the crumbling of marriages and ministries.

Tom Eisenman knows it doesn't have to be this way. He also knows that in order for men to develop authenticity, vulnerability, honesty, trust--the character traits of spiritual maturity--they must cultivate healthy relationships with their brothers on the journey.

In The Accountable Man Eisenman shows men how to build friendships of camaraderie and relational depth. He casts a compelling vision of interdependence and spiritual vitality--a vision in which no man stands alone against the temptations of our twenty-first century.

Perfect for use in men's groups, small groups or one-on-one accountability reationships, this helpful, hopeful book includes lists of straight-to-the-point questions that will help men challenge one another to spiritual maturity and integrity.

"I've known Tom Eisenman for twenty years and can testify that he was an expert at being a good friend before he wrote about it. He's a 'natural' who has become something of an expert--a skilled practitioner of friendship who has reflected on and written a wonderful book about friendship. He is particularly effective in his treatment of the themes of listening and confrontation. This book is well worth reading, discussing and doing."

Ben Patterson, campus pastor, Westmont College

"Tom is a man who not only writes it but lives it. It's been my privilege to read his books and his life. The two match. Here's another helpful offering loaded with insights and personal reflections that will prove helpful to countless men."

Jim Osterhaus, clinical psychologist and author of Bonds of Iron: Forging Lasting Male Relationships


1. The Accountable Man
2. When Two Are Better Than One
3. What To Look For in a Christian Friend
4. Are You Ready for Accountability?
5. The Primary Skill: Listening Well
6. Loving Confrontation
7. Partners in Prayer
8. Getting Started
Appendix A: The Dark Night Experience
Appendix B: Accountability Questions

Tom L. Eisenman

Tom L. Eisenman is a pastor, writer, and speaker based in California. His ministry throughout the United States has been to a wide variety of audiences: from men's conferences to university student retreats, from family life workshops to Bible seminars. Tom has been a popular chapel speaker for professional sports teams. He and his wife, Judie, have led Bible studies on marriage and family topics for the San Francisco Forty Niners. Tom was also a speaker at the Promise Keepers conference in Boulder, Colorado. From personal evangelism to facing temptation, from equipping parents to developing Christian character, Tom Eisenman addresses a wide range of issues with a gift for candor, humor, and vivid illustrations that makes his practical biblical messages applicable and memorable for any audience. His articles have appeared in Moody, Decision, Discipleship Journal, Focus on the Family, and other publications. He is the author of several books, including Temptations Men Face, Everyday Evangelism, Temptation, Temptations Families Face, and The Accountable Man.

BY Tom L. Eisenman