New Testament Theology, By Donald Guthrie

New Testament Theology

by Donald Guthrie

New Testament Theology
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  • Published: October 10, 2013
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The culmination of a lifetime of study, this comprehensive New Testament theology brings out the rich variety of New Testament thought while demonstrating its inner unity.

New Testament theology, maintains Donald Guthrie, centers on Jesus Christ--his person, work and mission--and is unified by repeated emphasis on the fulfillment of Old Testament promise, community, the Spirit and the future hope.

An extended introduction surveys the history, nature and method of New Testament theology and sets forth the distinctive of Guthrie's synthetic approach. Guthrie then examines New Testament thought under the thematic headings of God, man and his world, Christology, the mission of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Christian life, the church, the future, the New Testament approach to ethics, and Scripture. Within each chapter he explores the synoptic Gospels, the Johannine literature, Acts, Paul, Hebrews, the remaining Epistles and Revelation.

Marked by scholarly rigor and thoroughness, this volume is a standard reference and text, reflecting mature conservative scholarship at its best.

"By any reckoning this book is a notable achievement. . . . We salute--and stand in awe of--the industry and single-minded purpose that, with this magnum opus, crowns a lifetime of biblical study, research, and teaching."

Ralph P. Martin, The Reformed Journal

". . . no serious student of the NT can afford to ignore this useful compendium and for many it will become the standard text."

Donald A. Carson, TSF Bulletin

". . . an appropriate crown to his noteworthy and influential career. It could very well become the standard New Testament theology for at least another generation."

David P. Scaer, Concordia Theological Seminary

"To write one magnum opus is remarkable . . . to write two is astonishing. But to write two which together comprehensively cover both NT introduction and theology is a feat unparalleled among English-speaking writers of this century."

John J. Hughes, Trinity Journal





1. God
Some basic assumptions
God as Creator, Father and King
The attributes of God

2. Man and his world
The world
Man in himslf
Man in relation to God

3. Christology
Jesus as Man
The humanity of Jesus
The sinlessness of the man Jesus
The Christological titles: introductory comments
Son of David
Jesus as prophet and teacher
Son of God
The 'I am' sayings
The last Adam
Summary of Christological titles
The Christological 'hymns'
The Christological events: introductory comments
The virgin birth
The resurrction
The ascension
Conclusion: Jesus, God and man

4. The mission of Christ
The kingdom
The saving work of Christ: preliminary considerations
The saving work of Christ: developing understanding

5. The Holy Spirit

6. The Christian Life
The beginnings
New life in Christ
Sanctification and perfection
The law in the Christian life

7. The church
The early community
The developing church

8. The future
The future coming of Christ
The afterlife

9. The New Testament approach to ethics
Introductory comments
Personal ethics
Social ethics

10. Scripture


Index of references

Index of authors

Index of subjects


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Donald Guthrie (1915-1992) was a graduate of the University of London (B.D., Th.M., Ph.D.). From 1949 until his retirement in 1982 Guthrie was lecturer in New Testament studies at London Bible College, and from 1978 until 1982 he also served as vice principal of the college. His books include New Testament Introduction, New Testament Theology, and the Tyndale New Testament Commentaries on the Pastoral Epistles and Hebrews.