Journey to the Center of the City: Making A Difference in an Urban Neighborhood, By Randy White

Journey to the Center of the City

Making A Difference in an Urban Neighborhood

by Randy White

Journey to the Center of the City
  • Length: 144 pages
  • Published: November 14, 1996
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 1129
  • ISBN: 9780830811298

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When you get involved with city ministry, you're in for some adventures--and you see God at work! Randy and Tina White, with their two young sons, left suburbia to join believers living in a disadvantaged area of Fresno, California. Through their family's story you will learn more about God's heart for the city, meet some of the people who live there, and discover ways you might make a difference too.

Discussion questions, twelve Bible studies on God and the city, and a list of "21 Things You Can Do to Love the City" will help you dig even further into the topic. And they make Journey to the Center of the City an ideal book for small group discussion and action!




Prologue: An Invitation to the Journey

1. Flying Upside Down
A family chooses "downward mobility" and descends right into life

2. This Old House
How the home we bought became one of God's workshops

3. Behold the City
Seeing urban neighborhoods with new eyes

4. Love Thy Neighborhood
A way of living that makes love of neighbor not just a Christian ideal but a life essential

5. What's Good for the Goose . . .
What all parents want for their children

6. Like Working a Loom
We work with others at weaving a wholistic response to the unraveling of our urban neighborhoods

7. Songs of the City
Real stories of hope and change

Epilogue: Journey of a Thousand Miles

Appendix 1: Bible studies on God and the City

Appendix 2: 21 Things You Can Do to Love the City




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Randy White

Randy White directs Bakke Graduate University's international Doctor of Ministry Degree focusing on transformational leadership for the global city. He is the founder of the Fresno Institute for Urban Leadership and was InterVarsity's national coordinator for urban projects for more than a decade, overseeing projects in thirty American cities.

Randy and his family live in Fresno, California, the city with the highest level of concentrated poverty of any large city in the U.S.. For the last sixteen of those years, they have lived in Fresno's highest crime, highest poverty neighborhood, once called the Devil's Triangle, pursuing God's shalom kingdom there through relational, urban ministry, and community development activities.