Inside Job: Companion Workbook, By Stephen W. Smith and Steven C. Forney

Inside Job: Companion Workbook

by Stephen W. Smith and Steven C. Forney

Inside Job: Companion Workbook
spiral bound
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  • Published: July 23, 2015
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Journey inside and do the work within your work with this companion workbook for Inside Job by Stephen W. Smith.

This companion workbook is designed for individuals, groups, classes, seminars and retreat settings to explore the book in greater depth. With one session per chapter, the workbook allows participants to go at their own speed and explore the message of Inside Job with exercises meant for all different learning styles.

Each of the ten sessions includes

  • what you?ll cover and learn in the session
  • a brief excerpt from the Inside Job chapter highlighted in the session
  • a guided study of Scripture with discussion questions
  • questions to help you dig into your own story about work, faith and leadership
  • stories and excerpts from other authors and individuals grappling with the same issues
  • extra resources and suggestions for further reading and study including websites, books and articles

"It is a sobering reality that many of us as leaders plunge ahead in the work we do, the relationships that we develop and the lifestyle that we adopt without a realistic perspective of what drives us. This subverts what ought to be joy, and makes us susceptible to failure or burnout. Stephen Smith offers us in Inside Job a path for proper self-examination. . . . Read this book with an open mind and heart and you will know God and yourself much better. The people around you will be glad for it."

Mel Lawrenz, minister at large, Elmbrook Church

"As a physician, I encourage people to examine, evaluate and improve their physical, emotional, relational and spiritual health on a frequent basis. Stephen W. Smith's book is an inspiring and practical manual for those in the marketplace and ministry wanting to evaluate their vitality and resilience and the health of their leadership. I highly recommend this book!"

Walt Larimore, family physician and bestselling author

"Steve is a prophet for our day, calling us from the idolatrous worship of success back to the worship of the true God who designed rhythm and rest. As a fellow traveler who has experienced the roughness of the journey, he invites us to journey within our own hearts—'to work within the work.' I heartily endorse this timely and very important book that calls us back to our hearts' true home."

Nelson Okanya, president, Eastern Mennonite Missions

"Inside Job helps us grow the inner heart of leadership. We cannot be content with how we look to other people or the 'successes' we have in our life, ministry or work. We must give focused attention to our inner life. Inside Job guides us through the urgent journey each leader must take."

Stacy Rinehart, founder, MentorLink International

"In most of my leadership training, including as a Harvard MBA, the focus was largely outward—on assessments, strategies, results, etc.—with very little focus on me, my character and my spiritual formation. I've learned through the years, however, and often the hard way, that my leadership effectiveness in both Christian ministry and the commercial marketplace has much more to do with my character than my ideas. Inside Job shows us the way to lead more effectively from the inside out."

Tripp Johnston, executive director, SIM's Sports Friends Ministry

"We run as hard as we can in the pursuit of success and contentment only to find out that true success, contentment and transformation come from the 'inside job.' I highly recommend this book as a place for you to begin your inside work."

Mark Linsz, former treasurer of Bank of America, cofounder and senior managing partner of My Next Season

"Inside Job provokes honest reflection and heartfelt response that invites the reader into a deeper walk with Christ—a journey of steadfast resilience toward a life of love. Quite countercultural in his approach, Steve Smith encourages the reader to consider traveling the descent of Christlike humility rather than the ascent of worldly success."

Stephen Macchia, Leadership Transformations, Inc., author of Crafting a Rule of Life

"Stephen Smith understands that there's a big difference between living life in balance, and living in rhythm. The former leaves leaders stuck on a treadmill of stress and disillusionment. But the latter helps them truly discover their purpose and live within life's limits. Inside Job should be essential reading for anyone who is tired of the rat race."

Jim Daly, president, Focus on the Family

"Like a laser beam, Inside Job penetrates to the heart of what Christian leadership is all about. In a day and age when much of leadership centers around an array of tips and techniques, Steve Smith takes us to the true focus of leadership—character. . . . His wisdom, insights and straightforward approach will lead you to understand that leadership success is truly an inside-out job. . . . This is a must read for those who truly want to lead in the way of Christ!"

Randy Rains, associate vice president, International Mission Board, SBC

"With Inside Job, Steve Smith offers us a thirst-quenching read that gently but unflinchingly awakens us to the hard effort and liberation, the suffering and joy, of what it means to lead as Jesus leads—from the inside out. But more poignantly, my friend and teacher opens to us his own heart in all of its beauty and brokenness, hopes and fears—and ultimately with the necessary confidence in the inside job that God is already doing in each of us to bring this world to glory. The only question that remains is whether or not we will join him in that endeavor. Reading this book will make you want to more than ever. Read it and learn to lead like Jesus leads."

Curt Thompson, author of Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame

"Steve Smith is a genuine sage of our generation. As I read Inside Job, it was as if Steve were reading my heart—where I've been and where I want to go. Had this book been in my hands thirty years ago, the false god of success would not have seduced me into its clutches. If we want to worship the true and living God, then we need an inside job, and Inside Job is a brilliant guidebook for that journey."

Howard Baker, Denver Seminary, author of The One True Thing

"As a personal trainer for our soul, Steve first helps us confront with brutal honesty the vulnerability of our souls and the wounds of our hearts. . . . Read this slowly and let it begin an 'inside job' in the deep and hidden parts of your life. You will find that you will become who you long to be, to the benefit of your own soul and everyone around you!"

Scott Arbeiter, former lead pastor at Elmbrook Church

"'Success" is a primary aspiration of people around the globe. . . The significance of Inside Job is to help us think deeply—which means biblically—about what success really means. In the author's words it is not a call to arms, but 'a call to the heart to reflect, to awaken and to practice living the life you want to live.' Inside Job is highly readable and wonderfully informative, focusing on a theme that is vital to every serious believer."

John D. Beckett, chairman, The Beckett Companies, author, Loving Monday and Mastering Monday

"Leadership is an exceptionally complex role, and the leader's primary responsibility is toward those whom they influence. Steve offers not only helpful leadership guidance but, even more importantly, a crucial call to deeper waters of formation in Christ. Steve's work provides needed direction amidst the demands of today's leadership so that leaders may influence others well. Don't just read this book, pray and live it."

Scott E. Shaum, director of staff development, Barnabas International

"This book will wake you up to the importance of living a contemplative life. Stephen's willingness to be open, vulnerable, honest and transparent in his own struggle to live the contemplative life provides courage and hope for all of us that crave that deeper intimate relationship with Jesus. The book's wisdom challenges us to listen with the ear of our spiritual heart in silence, solitude and intentional prayer."

Sister Mary Colleen Schwarz, Benet Hill Monastery

"Nothing of eternal significance can flow out of a hollow life. As spiritual leaders, we can only minister out of the abundance of our heart and soul. Thus, each of us must do our own interior work to do God's work in a God-honoring way. Stephen Smith's Inside Job shows us how."

Wil Hernandez, executive director of CenterQuest

"After years of working in the public eye as an executive, I found life-giving wisdom and much needed solutions among the private pages of Inside Job. With the firmness of a loving father and the frankness of a caring mentor, author Stephen W. Smith writes with deep understanding of a leader's journey, offering practical applications you can apply with the turn of nearly every page."

Dusty Rhodes, WAY Media, Inc., senior vice president

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Stephen W. Smith

Stephen W. Smith is the cofounder and president of The Potter's Inn, a spiritual formation ministry dedicated to the care of leaders in the marketplace and in ministry. He has pastored churches in Kentucky, North Carolina, and the Netherlands, and is the author of The Lazarus Life, Soul Custody, and Embracing Soul Care: Making Space for What Matters Most. Steve and his wife, Gwen, serve as spiritual directors and retreat leaders with Potter's Inn and previously they lived overseas in Europe planting churches before the fall of Communism.