IVP's New Zealand Distributor

InterVarsity Press uses Soul Distributors and Manna Christian Stores as our distributor for all customers in New Zealand. Ordering through a distributor means lower shipping costs and faster delivery time. Customers in New Zealand can place orders for any InterVarsity Press books by contacting them through the methods below.

Soul Distributors and Manna Christian Stores
10 Andrew Baster Drive
Airport Oaks Mangere,
Auckland New Zealand
Tel: 649 257 0081
Fax: 649 257 0082
Email: orders@souldistributors.co.nz


Customers in New Zealand may order ebooks at ivpress.com for immediate download. If you receive a message indicating that an ebook you're trying to order isn't available, or if you want to know if a certain title is available for direct sale, contact us online.

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For more information regarding IVP sales worldwide, visit our International Customers page.

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