InterVarsity Press serves customers worldwide in a variety of ways. You can order most of our books directly from us or from one of our distributors near you.

Ordering IVP Print Books

You can order books four ways:

  • Online at ivpress.com (best for orders from individuals)
  • E-mail your order to international@ivpress.com
  • Call: 630-734-4000
  • Fax: [country code: 1] 630-734-4200

Book Resellers

If you receive a message indicating that a book you're trying to order isn't available, that may mean that we aren't allowed to sell that book in your country or that the book is only available through one of our distributors. You can view information about the distributors we work with below. 

For information about International Trade Policies, please contact international@ivpress.com.


When you are shopping at ivpress.com, you may receive a message when you are at the “ship to” step of checkout if we are unable to sell the selected print or ebook title in your region. This message will let you know which distributor partner or publisher has the title available in your country. Distributors and publishers may be able to put you in touch with bookstores or ebook resellers where you can purchase the title.

If you have additional questions please take a look at our FAQ page, or contact us with your question. 

Our International Distributors

To learn more about our distributors of print books in different areas of the world, please click on your region below:

Shipping and Sales Tax

For shipping and sales tax information go to our Shipping and Delivery page.

Ordering IVP eBooks

International customers may order ebooks at ivpress.com. If you receive a message indicating that an ebook you're trying to order isn't available, that may mean that we aren't allowed to sell that ebook in your country. Additionally, a growing number of our titles are available from international ebook resellers. You will find additional answers on our Ebooks Help page. If you have a suggestion or question about international ebook sales, please contact us.


Want to learn more about IVP books sold around the world? Browse our catalogs below.