Greek Commentaries on Revelation, By Oecumenius and Andrew of Caesarea
Greek Commentaries on Revelation
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  • Published: March 09, 2011
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The Eastern church gives little evidence of particular interest in the book of Revelation. Oecumenius of Isauria's commentary on the book is the earliest full treatment in Greek and dates only from the early sixth century. Along with Oecumenius's commentary, only that of Andrew of Caesarea (dating from the same era and often summarizing Oecumenius before offering a contrary opinion) and that of Arethas of Caesarea four centuries later provide any significant commentary from within the Greek tradition.

William Weinrich renders a particular service to readers interested in ancient commentary on the Apocalypse by translating in one volume the two early sixth-century commentaries. Because of the two interpreters' often differing understandings, readers are exposed not only to early dialogue on the meaning and significance of the book for the faith and life of the church, but also to breadth of interpretation within the unity of the faith the two shared.

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General Introduction
Translator's Introduction

Oecumenius, Commentary on the Apocalypse
First Discourse
Second Discourse
Third Discourse
Fourth Discourse
Fifth Discourse
Sixth Discourse
Seventh Discourse
Eighth Discourse
Ninth Discourse
Tenth Discourse
Eleventh Discourse
Twelfth Discourse

Andrew of Caesarea, Commentary on the Apocalypse
A Listing of the Chapters of the Interpretation of the Revelation of Saint John the Apostle
The Interpretation of Andrew, Archbishop of Caesarea of Cappadocia of the Revelation of John the Theologian
Books One to Twenty-Four

Scripture Index


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